White Ferrari

The color white is known as Bianco in Italian language. Unlike some of the other colors, Ferrari's do not come in many different shades or variations of the color white, although one can always personalize Ferrari for his/her own shade. Most popular shade of White in Ferrari is known as Bianco Avus. Other well-known shades of Ferrari white are Bianco and Bianco Polo Park.

Over the years, the preference of Ferrari customers has changed in terms of colors. While red continues to remain the preferred choice of color, shades of black and white have seen surge in popularity over a decade or so. In fact, barring the red color, which has strong association with the brand, the rest of the popular colors in recent times have been rather less flashy, like black, silver/grey and white. The most popular shade of white or Bianco Avus is now even more popular than even the yellow Ferrari, which was the original color of Ferrari.

Novitec Rosso Ferrari California Supercharged
Novitec Rosso Ferrari 599
Hamann Ferrari California F149

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