Red Ferrari

Ever since Ferrari started building its own racing cars in 1947, Ferraris have been synonymous with motor racing and when on the race track wear only one color: "Rossa Corsa" or racing red, which has become the national color for all Italian racing cars. So much so that red is a very popular color on the road, and a Ferrari is loved by a sports car enthusiast who aspire to own a car built by one of the world's great classic racing pedigrees.

In fact, 2011 Ferraris come in three shades of red: Rossa Corsa, Rossa Mugello and Rossa Scuderia, all names associated with motor racing. The Mugello racing circuit in Italy where Ferrari Formula 1 race cars are tested inspires one shade of racing red. Ferrari Scuderia is the name of Enzo Ferrari's original company, "scuderia" being the Italian word for "stable" and also "team" so “Rossa Scuderia” is another racing red color inspired by Team Ferrari's legendary reputation on the race track.

Red Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
Red Ferrari FF
Red Ferrari 599 GTO
Red Ferrari 458 Italia
Red Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M

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