Yellow Lamborghini

The yellow Lamborghini is one of the most popular and most easily noticed of all of the Lamborghini color range. It is true that when a black or gray colored Lamborghini charges past you down the street that it is an powerful sight, but when the yellow Lamborghini zooms along it is almost inspiring.

Yellow and pearl metallic yellow are two of the color shades used for this sports car. More of the specific color tones used on the exterior include Giallo Orion, Giallo Evros, Giallo Midas and Giallo Halys. Different Lamborghini models use diverse color shades, which vary from flat to metallic. This prestigious car also uses Giallo Taurus, a yellow tone, on the interior of the vehicle, if you so choose. One thing is for sure and that is anyone who drives one of these yellow Lamborghinis will have eyes on them wherever they go! It is certainly not the tint for someone who wants to drive undetected.

Yellow Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
Yellow Lamborghini Gallardo LP 620
Yellow BF Performance Lamborghini Gallardo GT 600
Yellow BF Lamborghini Gallardo GT600
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