Silver Lamborghini

When the Lamborghini company was born back in 1963 the silver Lamborghini was also birthed. The first Lamborghini model was the 350GT and one of the colors that purchasers could order this luxury car in was silver. There is something about silver. It is stylish, like the black vehicles, but it is makes a statement and catches the eye with the glistening, silver shimmer.

The pearl metallic light silver that adorns the silver Lamborghini is Azzurro Aquarius Met. This color shimmers and shines to show to all how proud this supercar owner is to be driving such a premium vehicle. The Gallardo is now being produced in a bi color and also tri color format. When customizing the Lamborghini order it is possible to select a combination of colors for the exterior of the vehicle. One of the possible colors that can be chosen is silver. So there is no doubt that silver Lamborghinis will continue to be a popular choice for many years to come!

Silver Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670
Silver Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concept
Silver Lamborghini Reventon Roadster

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