Red Lamborghini

Unless you're a fan of high-performance, ultra-expensive Italian sports cars, you may not have noticed that it's hard to find a red Lamborghini. Up till now, the only time you would see the shade on a Lamborghini was if it had been custom-painted, but no more. While the Ferrari has been available in shades of red for years, this year you can buy a Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale in bright red, and all eyes will be on you for more reasons than the color. But the Lamborghini company has made the rosso mars (red) color available for this year's model because it's the traditional color of race cars made in Italy, and this car sits squarely in that tradition. Its V-10 engine produces 562 horsepower, and it can hit 60 mph in a little over 3 seconds and top out at 198 mph. With performance like that, you'll need a red Lamborghini so everyone can see what's streaking by - everyone knows that red is the most visible color for an automobile.

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