Pink Lamborghini

Check out the pink Lamborghini found on photobucket, which was photoshop from a blue Lamborghini and compare it with other Lamborghini. Which Lamborghini do you like the most? I first thought the Pink Lamborghini was ugly and depressing, but after seeing this pink Lamborghini photo from Photobucket, it actually look pretty cool.
Pink Lamborghini
Check out some other colors and tell us which color do you prefer the most?

  • thats cool

  • Rosita

    @ 1st i saw it nd i sed its kool but change da color but then i saw it again nd i waz lik wow i want dat car!!!!!

  • Michael

    pink makes it look demonic

  • KK

    it looks like someone hosed it down with pepto!

  • Michael

    The person who did this needs to be shot with a

  • shannon

    i love this song

  • Nicole


  • Michael

    Who the hell puts pink on a lamdorghini idiots i feel bad for this lambo well a blond girl must have done this and that is a crime.