2014 Seat Leon Cupra

State-of-the-art technology, fascinating dynamics, perfect everyday usability and stunning design matched with compelling efficiency is part of what you get in the new 2014 Seat Leon Cupra.

Apart from being the best model in the Leon family, Cupra is the brand’s most powerful series-production vehicle. With excellent quality and extensive equipment, this new car offers exceptionally good value for your money.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Compact Base Price: £25,690
Engine: 4 Cylinder DOHC Displacement: 2.0 Liter
Horsepower: 261 HP Torque: 259 lb-ft @1750-5300 rpm
0-62 mph: 5.7 seconds Maximum Speed: 155 mph (249 km/h)


A concentrated package guarantees performance from this new Cupra. The new vehicle has a 2.0 TSI engine. Depending on your engine’s version, you will receive an output of 261 or 276 horsepower.

The Cupra gives you an optional DSG transmission which can sprint from 0-62 mph in just 5.7 & 5.9 seconds respectively.

The maximum torque is 259 lbs ft @ 1,750 and 5,300 rpm and guarantees amazing pulling power on the both 261 and 276 hp version.



Emotional design is a strength of the Leon family. The new Cupra was developed one step further. The front end has large air intakes and full LED-headlamps that ensure visibility.

The LED headlamps help in illuminating the road at a color temperature of 5,300 Kelvin. The rear skirt and diffuser provide a handsome look with its 2 oval pipes in the rear.

The alloy wheels are all exclusive to the Cupra, while red brake calipers and tinted side windows, and windshield underscore the car’s individuality.


The focus of the car’s interior is on the sports steering wheel; it has a unique design complete with shifting paddles for optional DSG transmission. The inside is decked in dark grey Alcantara finished with white stitching.

Black full-leather upholstery with white stitching. For extreme lateral grip, are the optional bucket seats. Pedals and the entry sills are all made from Aluminum.

The standard interior features included are the Media system, seats in Alcantara, and a 5.8-inch color touch-screen. Another great feature in the car’s interior is the ambient lighting. The LEDs in door panels emphasize the contours of the interior design and add to the premium feel of the passenger compartment.


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2014 Audi Allroad Shooting Brake Concept

Unveiled recently was the new 2014 Audi Allroad Shooting Brake concept at the NAIAS Auto show in Detroit. This new car is a compact plug-in hybrid that combines the Audi’s rough styling with the efficient e-tron power-train.

Basically, this car is sporty, compact and versatile. The two-door car exudes high functionality making it ideal for most recreational sports.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Coupe Concept Base Price: NA
EV Mode Range: 30 miles MPGe for EV Mode: 124 miles avg
Fuel Tank Capacity: 4.1 gals (15 L) Total Range: 30 miles for EV + gas
Length: 165.4 in. (420 cm) Wheel Base: 98.8 in. (251 cm)
Height: 55.6 in. (141 cm) Width: 72.8 in. (185 cm)
Engine: 4 Cylinder TFSI Hybrid Displacement: 2.0 Liter
Horsepower: 292 HP Torque: 280 lb-ft
Electric Motor 1: 54 HP Electric Motor 2 : 114 HP
Battery: Li-Ion – 9 kWh Transmission: 6-Speed s-Tronic


The car pairs a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder turbocharged engine with 2 axle-mounted electric motors to give a total of 402 hp and a torque of 479 lbs-ft.

This Allroad can sprint from 0-62 mph in 4.6 seconds to go with a top speed of 155 mph.

This concept vehicle represents for the very first time Audi’s attempt to combine all-road and e-tron languages. There is huge hexagonal single-frame grille that dominates the amazing sculptural front.

Typical of the e-tron model, the car has inserted narrow fins that resemble the cooling fins of an e-component. Include is a low-profile central air inlet that was milled into the under-body protection.

The body component is a mixture of aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced-polymer material. Dark gray sub strips, which are typical of all all-road elements, visually reduce the body’s volume. This and large wheel flares, highlight the car’s off-road character.


The versatility of this car and its functionality is certain to attract the young, sporty and active crowd. There is sufficient room for 4 people. In front, the sport seats gives the driver and front passenger ample body support.

The Easy entry feature simplifies going in and out of the rear seats. Once the rear seat-back is folded down, more cargo space is created.

Inside, you find Alcantara roof-lining and fine leather blended together with bright & dark aluminum materials used on the controls and trim.

There is also a TFT display with a 12.3 inch screen that presents all key the information in high quality 3D graphics.


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2014 Audi Sport Quattro Laserlight Concept

Audi lit up the 2014 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) with its 2014 Sport Quattro Laserlight concept car. They not only showcased an attractive, subtle, futuristic design, but also exhibited the advancements in lighting technology.

Audi was the pioneer of LED lighting and now the company showcased the Laser light technology with its new concept. BMW has been talking about the possibility of Laser light as a future possibility; however Audi has stolen its thunder by showcasing this technology at the CES this year.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Hybrid Base Price: NA
EV Mode Range: 31 miles Fuel Tank Capacity: 16.1 gals (61 L)
Length: 181.2 in. (460.2 cm) Wheel Base: 109.6 in. (278.4 cm)
Height: 54.6 in. (138.6 cm) Width: 77.3 in. (196.4 cm)
Engine: 4.0 Liter V8 TFSI BiTurbo Horsepower: 560 HP
Torque: 516 lb-ft Transmission: 8-Speed Tiptronic
Electric Motor Battery: 14.1 kWh Type: Lithium Ion
Horsepower: 147 HP Torque: 295 lb-ft
0-60 mph: 3.7 seconds Maximum Speed: 189 mph (305 km/h)

Engine & Motor

The concept showcases a twin turbo V8 engine along with an electric motor and a 14.1 kWh Li-Ion battery. The combination generates a little more than 700 horsepower. The car can do a 0-60 mph dash in 3.2 seconds.

The top speed of the vehicle is 190 mph. The car has a range of 31 miles purely on battery. No doubt that the efficiency figure of this vehicle will be staggering. Audi claims that Sport Quattro is capable of 94 mpg by factoring the extended battery.

Laser Lighting

The new laser light technology paves the path for smaller, brighter and much more aerodynamic headlamps. Audi has combined laser light high beams with a matrix of LED light low beams.

The Sport Quattro Laser Light concept is equipped with two trapezoidal head lamp elements each side. The outer ring comprises of the LED light while the inner segment is fitted with laser diodes to produce laser light.

Audi says that laser lights are much stronger and they can reach up to 500 meters or nearly a third of a mile, which is twice the range of LED headlamps.

The laser light generates three times more luminosity of LED headlamps, making it compelling future technology.
“Bright Future”

The Laser light concept is an adaptation of the Sport Quattro concept Audi showcased in Frankfurt Auto Show. This hybrid car combines extreme power with great efficiency.

Audi is setting new standards in lighting technology for cars. As per company, it is keen to bring this technology to a production ready model very soon.

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2014 Toyota FT-1 Concept

The 2014 Toyota FT-1 is a concept designed just for the tracks.

This performance oriented concept sports model was crafted by CALTY Design Research, which is Toyota’s Design division based out of North America.

The design team embarked on this ambitious project with a clean slate and had free rein in designing this car.

The engine will be a rear-wheel drive. The hood has a transparent glass to take a peek at the massive powertrain covered by engine cover. Toyota has not given details on the engine specification, and the current focus is on showcasing the future design language for Toyota.

The Toyota FT-1 opens clears the path for exciting and new design possibilities for Toyota cars. The aggressive design captures the excitement, passion and energy that Toyota embodies.

The design elements of this concept will allow Toyota to take cues for the future production models.



The FT-1 concept embodies the excellence of sports cars from Toyota’s past. In the FT-1, the designers worked on blending the old with the new. The masculine design was inspired from the Mark IV Supra.

The cabin, with a wrap around windshield and the side window opening comes from the 2000 GT. The nose of the car carries DNA of F-RS.

While the design team has received inspiration from previous models, there are plenty of new elements involved in the design to give FT-1 that give it it’s own identity. The design team worked in partnership with the design team of Grand Turismo, which allowed them to build and drive the virtual FT-1 before the concept was approved.


The interior provides functional space focused on the driver. The low slung cockpit design along with deep set A-pillars allow for optimal cornering vision.

The key feature is the delta shaped color HUD display that driver gets to see on the windscreen, that allows him to keep his eyes on the road. Toyota is maintaining at this point that the FT-1 concept is just a concept. There is no word on whether this model will be in production.

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2014 Volkswagen Beetle Dune Concept

Volkswagen Beetle is an iconic brand loved all over the world. Volkswagen has unveiled a new rugged version of the Beetle at the recent Auto Show in Detroit, called the Beetle Dune concept.

To transform the civic bug into a rugged machine, VW has increased the ground clearance of the vehicle by 2 inches. The 2014 VW Beetle Dune concept is also wider by 0.8 inches and taller by 0.5 inches, as compared to the current production version.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Coupe Base Price: NA
Fuel Tank Capacity: 14.5 gals (55 L) Miles Per Gallon: 23 city / 29 hwy
Length: 168.9 in. (429 cm) Wheel Base: 99.9 in. (253.7 cm)
Height: 59.3 in. (150.6 cm) Width: 73.4 in. (186.4 cm)
Curb Weight: NA Ground Clearance: 7.7 in. (19.6 cm)
Luggage Capacity: 15.4 cu ft Maximum Seating: 4 people
Engine: Inline 4 TSI® Turbo DOHC Displacement: 2.0 Liter
Horsepower: 210 HP Max RPM: 5300 RPM
Torque: 207 lb-ft @1700 rpm Transmission: 6-Speed Manual FWD


Dune concept is powered by a 210 horsepower turbocharged 2 liter engine, mated to a six-speed manual or DSG transmission. The Beetle Dune goes from 0-62 mph in 7.3 seconds, making it lively for its size.

Though the Beetle Dune is a concept car, and there is no word whether VW decides to take this to production. As of now, there is no confirmation.

The concept is showcased in a yellow-orange metallic color called ‘Arizona’, which fits stunningly well with the sporty look of the Dune concept.

The Beetle Dune uses matte finish design elements in black around wheel arches and brushed aluminum sill panels. Above the side sills, glossy black side trim strips are placed.

The front grille has a honeycomb design, which goes well with the overall look. The hood has undergone a transformation as well with the middle of the hood being raised a bit. The LED fog lamps have been designed in semi-circular shape.

A set of 19-inch five-spoke alloys have been fitted to the Dune concept. The aluminum skid plate adds to the overall rugged design theme of the vehicle. The rear of the car has an interesting ski and snowboarding rack.


The interior of the Dune concept are as bright as the outside. The dashboard is finished in exterior color.

The central infotainment system boasts of a 7.7 inch AMOLED screen. The seats are covered with a combination of cloth and leather.


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