2015 Porsche Cayman GTS

Porsche has continued to improve the Cayman since its entered the market in 2006. The 2015 Porsche Cayman GTS maintains this trend.

The new Cayman has a distinct look setting itself apart from the rest of the clan as well as more power and improved handling.

The GTS is availabe in Sports Chrono package and Active Suspension Management systems, which are options on other Cayman models.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Coupe Base Price: $ 76,195
Fuel Tank Capacity: 16.9 gals (64 L) Miles Per Gallon: NA
Length: 173.4 in. (440.4 cm) Wheel Base: 97.4 in. (247.4 cm)
Height: 50.6 in. (128.5 cm) Width: 70.9 in. (180.1 cm)
Curb Weight: 2965 lbs (1345 kg) Ground Clearance: NA
Luggage Capacity: 7.0 cu ft Maximum Seating: 2 people
Engine: 3.4 Liter 6 Cylinder Boxer Compression Ratio: 12.5: 1
Horsepower: 340 HP Max RPM: 7400 RPM
Torque: 280 lb-ft Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
0-60 mph: 4.6 seconds Maximum Speed: 177 mph (285 km/h)


The 2015 Cayman GTS comes with a 3.4 liter, flat 6 cylinder engine with capabilities of 340 horsepower and is mated to a 6 speed manual transmission .

It can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.3 seconds with a top speed of 177 mph.



The Cayman GTS has a look that resembles the “911”, but at half the cost.

Up front, it sports a new bumper and LED running lights. Underneath the HID headlamps are dual finned air intakes. Both the intakes and front grille, that is now more of a rectangular shape, are painted dark gray.

In the rear, there is an air diffuser and twin exhausts also in dark gray. Between the taillights there is yet another dark gray accent strip. The color shows up several times in other areas of the vehicle with the intention of portraying a muscular presence.

The low profile is nicely accentuated by a set of distinctive 20 inch wheels.

Alcantara, not leather, is the preferred interior covering. The material is on the seats, arm rests, center console, dash and steering wheel.

The center console itself is impressive containing most of the controls and topped off with an infotainment screen. The new red tachometer in the center of the instrument cluster is a real eye catcher.

Competition is expected to come from the likes of “less expensive” vehicles such as the BMW M235i Coupe and Nissan 370Z Nismo.


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2015 Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II

The name “Ghost” has been used by Rolls Royce dating back to the early 1900’s “Silver Ghosts”.

The current Ghost series began in 2010 when the English automaker marketed the model as an “entry level” if there can be such a thing when referring to a Rolls-Royce.

The prior Series II model was the Phantom in 2012. Since its inception, the Ghost has changed. The 2015 Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II changes all that.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Luxury Sedan Base Price: $ 250,000
Fuel Tank Capacity: 18.2 imp gals (83L) Miles Per Gallon: 13 city / 29 hwy
Length: 212.6 in. (540 cm) Wheel Base: 129.7 in. (329.4 cm)
Height: 61 in. (154.9 cm) Width: 76.7 in. (194.8 cm)
Unladen Weight: 5203 lbs (2360 kg) Ground Clearance: NA
Luggage Capacity: 17.3 cu ft Maximum Seating: 4 people
Engine: V12 Direct Injection Displacement: 6592 cc
Horsepower: 563 HP Max RPM: 5250 RPM
Torque: 575 lb-ft @1500 rpm Transmission: ZF 8HP90
0-60 mph: 4.7 seconds Maximum Speed: 155 mph* (250km/h)

* governed


Under the hood of the is a 6.6L, twin turbo V12, providing 563 horsepower. This is paired with a ZF-sourced 8 speed automatic transmission with a satellite system tied into the GPS predicting upcoming weather/road conditions so it can automatically adjust accordingly.

Even with its size this drivetrain has the Ghost Series II moving from 0-60 mph in 4.7 seconds with an electronically controlled top speed of 155 mph..



While the modifications to the Ghost Series II are not extreme, by Rolls-Royce standards they are monumental. It begins up front where new LED headlights replace those oddly, almost droopy headlamps of the past.

The new headlights do not take away from the traditional and prestigious front grille and the “Spirit of Ecstasy” logo on the hood. Another change to the front façade entails a larger chrome air intake which assist in cooling the brakes.

The profile has changed slightly with waft lines moved forward ever so subtlety.
The rear appears wider, but otherwise is the same as previous Ghost incarnations.

Inside remains the extraordinary luxury styling Rolls fans are accustomed to.

Most of the changes are technological in nature including the “Spirit of Ecstasy” rotary controller touch pads to keep the “Grey Poupon” fingerprints off the screen.

There is also a Wi-Fi operated navigation system and an optional Bespoke audio system available.

As of this writing the price of the vehicle has not been published. Anticipate the answer to that question is what you would expect from a Rolls Royce.


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2015 Toyota Aygo

The 2015 Toyota Aygo certainly looks amazing, but the styling and a few extra gizmos are not everything this new supermini from Toyota features.

The engine and the interior have also been revised to give compact a little more zing and zang that makes it much more fun to drive.

There’s more than looks in the Aygo from Toyota. It will remind you of the earlier Toyota vehicles in terms of its size.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Compact Base Price: NA
Fuel Tank Capacity: 7.7 imp gals (35L) Miles Per Gallon: 46 city / 62 hwy
Length: 135.0 in. (343 cm) Wheel Base: 92.1 in. (234 cm)
Height: 57.8 in. (146.5 cm) Width: 63.6 in. (161.5 cm)
Curb Weight: 1830 lbs (830 kg) Ground Clearance: NA
Luggage Capacity: 4.9 cu ft Maximum Seating: 5 people
Engine: Inline 3 VVT-i DOHC Displacement: 1.0 Liter
Horsepower: 67 HP Max RPM: 6000 RPM
Torque: 69 lb-ft @3600 rpm Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
0-60 mph: 14.2 seconds Maximum Speed: 98 mph (157 km/h)

* European 5-door Model specs


Toyota has said that the 1-liter 3-cylinder gasoline engine has been updated to give better performance and better fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

The engine has received a lighter cylinder head to give 68 horsepower at 6000 rpm and 69 lb ft of torque at 4,300 rpm.



The car has compact dimensions and a striking appearance with dramatic and sophisticated yet playful lines. Overall length has been increased by about 25 mm to give 3,455 mm. Although there is a 7 mm increase in the front headroom, the overall height of the vehicle was reduced by 5 mm for aerodynamic efficiency.

The track has been widened by 8 mm at the rear and front to improve the car stance. The front of the car employs X-like bumper, flanked by very sharp headlights together with a wide lower grille.

At the rear, you will find a tall blade-like taillight. Basically, the roof has been lowered and the front header has been moved forward.


Inside, you will find increased cargo space together with an array of innovative equipment designed to fit a lifestyle of a younger person. One of the best features is the eye-catching x-touch multimedia system.

There is also a 7 inch full-color touch screen that controls various onboard systems. A MirroLink Smartphone connectivity allows this car to be seamlessly integrated into the busy lives we live today. The length of the passenger compartment has been increased by 9 mm.

The 20 mm wider armrests also contribute to the front seat comfort. Luggage capacity has been increased by 5.9 cu ft. Access has been improved to give 75 mm wider load space that opens between the tailgate sill and the rear seat back.


The 2015 Toyota Aygo offers safety features such as Anti-lock braking system, vehicle stability control, electronic brake force distribution, curtain airbags, tire pressure monitoring system, hill-start assist control, side and rear collisions, adjustable speed limiter and emergency braking signaling.

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2015 Mini Cooper

The just unveiled MINI carries forward its predecessor’s aspiration to be the leading vehicle the small vehicle segment.

This new high-performance model is longer and wider compared to the previous model.

The 2015 MINI Cooper offers a re-tuned suspension, more power and more cargo space. The Mini Cooper receives significant improvements in all areas related to fun driving, individual flair, and quality.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Hatchback Base Price: NA
Fuel Tank Capacity: 10.5 gals (40 L) Miles Per Gallon: 49 city / 74 hwy
Length: 150.4 in. (382.1 cm) Wheel Base: 98.2 in. (249.5 cm)
Height: 55.7 in. (141.4 cm) Width: 68 in. (172.7 cm)
Luggage Capacity: 7.5 cu ft Maximum Seating: 4 people
Engine: 3 Cylinder DOHC Displacement: 1.5 Liter
Horsepower: 136 HP Max RPM: 4500-6000 RPM
Torque: 162 lb-ft @1250 rpm Transmission: 6-Speed Manual

* 2014 specs


The new MINI is powered by 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine. This produces peak output of 192 horsepower at between 4,700 & 6,000 rpm. Maximum torque of 207 lbs ft at 1,250 rpm.


The main body and the roof top are separated. The car’s glass surface with dark body columns creates a harmonious cover that extends across the whole vehicle.
Helped by a wide track and the short overhangs that emphasize the contours more than ever. This Mini is also the first vehicle in this segment to give an option for LED headlamps. These headlamps are surrounded by a LED daytime driving ring.


The modest increase in size has provided more space on the inside. For example, the driver’s seat allows one to stretch comfortably. It offers more spatial comfort on the 4 seats.

The luggage compartment size has been expanded by 1.8 cu ft to make a total of 7.5 cu ft.

Another impressive feature is the instrument cluster located on steering column. The road speed, fuel level and engine speed gauges are all displayed on a vertically arranged circular instrument panel.


The driver assistance systems range (optional) has been expanded. For the very first time the car will have an extendible Heads-Up-Display just above steering column.
The driving assistant system includes a camera-based active-cruise control, very high-beam assistant, and road sign detection, pedestrian and collision warning, parking assistant and finally, a rear view camera.

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2015 Ferrari California T

The 2015 Ferrari California T is one car that exudes elegance, sportiness, versatility that has distinguished each and every California model ever since 1950s.

This car brims with innovation that exceeds expectations of the curious who are always looking for a fun driving experience.

Just like other Ferraris, this car boasts cutting-edge technologies that make it very unique.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Convertible Base Price: NA
Fuel Tank Capacity: 20.6 gals (78 L) Miles Per Gallon: 22 combined
Length: 179.9 in. (457 cm) Wheel Base: 105.1 in. (266.9 cm)
Height: 52 in. (132.1 cm) Width: 75.2 in. (191 cm)
Curb Weight: 3813 lbs (1730 kg) Ground Clearance: NA
Luggage Capacity: 12.0 cu ft Maximum Seating: 2 people
Engine: V8 DOHC Displacement: 3855 cc
Horsepower: 568 HP Max RPM: 7500 RPM
Torque: 557 lb-ft @4750 rpm Transmission: 7-Speed Dual Clutch
0-62 mph: 3.6 seconds Maximum Speed: 196 mph (315 km/h)


The new California T is powered by a 3.9 liter V8 engine that produces 560 horsepower with 557 lb ft of torque.

The range you receive on this new engine improves to about 15 % with CO2 emissions reduced by 20 %. The car can sprint form 0 to 62 mph in just 3.6 seconds.

This engine is mounted low and behind the strong front axle to give it a low center’ of gravity and the perfect weight distribution percentage.



Although the overall design of this car has not changed, the general look has definitely become much more aggressive. A brand new and more angular grille is actually flanked by snarling lines of side in-take vents. The slimmer and more angular headlights rising along sharply creased finders provide an imposing look.

At the side, the vehicle’s flanks are inspired by the 250 Testa Rossa’s famous pontoon-fender styling. At the rear, one new vent appears next to the rear wheels.

Below, we find a totally reworked lower diffuser with 3 large fins together with horizontal quad exhaust pipes. The car rides on 5-spoke dark-alloy wheels.


The interior features are similar to those of the previous model. However, just like its exterior, interior has been updated to give a better design.

One of the things you will notice is the multi-function steering wheel that has enough controls. A 3-pod gauge cluster remains, though now revamped with a brand new look with updated graphics.

There is also an updated center console which features buttons for automatic mode, reverse and launch control.


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