Most Fuel Efficient Cars – Best Gas Mileage Cars 2012-2013

During the summer of 2008, gas prices averaged $4.50/gallon in the U.S. After the summer of the same year, prices went down to $2.00/gallon and people began to drive more. However, as of April 2013, gas prices has hovered around $4.00/gallon and it is predicted that it will reach more than $5.00/gallon within the next year.

Gasoline Prices

The best way to save money is to stay home and sit in front of your TV or computer all day long and not drive at all. Most of us can't do that because of work. Unless you live in a city that offers great public transportation, driving is a necessity. If you intend to save money on your next car, you should consider not just the price but the MPG you can get. How many miles are you getting from a gallon of gas? This list includes cars that run on gasoline 100% of the time (no electric car).

Best Gas Mileage Cars in the U.S. from 2012-2013: Top 10 List

1. 2012 Toyota Prius: 51 City/48 Hwy (50 Avg.), Base Price: $24,000.
1.8-liter, with 4-Cylinder engine and 134 hp, 0-60 mph in 9.8 secs. The most fuel efficient car on the market is the Toyota Prius, also the most demanding car in the U.S. A small sedan, but roomy enough for 5 and it is perfect for those that drive over 100 miles a day to work. The 3rd Generation Toyota Prius model is on sale since 2009 and currently available for purchase at most Toyota dealers. Also available are the Prius C (53 City/46 Hwy, Starting at: $18,950) and the Prius V (44 City/40 hwy, Starting at $26,400).

2. 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid: 44 City/44 Hwy (44 Avg.), Base Price: $24,050. 1.3-liter, with 4-Cylinder engine and up to 111 hp, 0-60 mph in 11.3 secs. The runner up is Toyota biggest rival; the Honda Civic Hybrid is a sporty sedan with an average 44 combined mpg. This is worth every penny, especially for those who prefer Honda over Toyota.

Honda Civic Hybrid

3.Lexus CT 200h vs Honda Insight: Tie for third are the Lexus CT 200h and the Honda Insight , which both give an estimated combined 42 mpg. Luxury or necessity?

2012 Lexus CT 200h Hybrid: 43 City/40 Hwy (42 Avg.), Base Price: $29,120. 1.8-liter, with 4-Cylinder engine and up to 134 hp, 0-60 mph in 9.8 secs. Why not have both luxury and fuel efficiency in one car? The Lexus CT 200h does just that by offering great gas mileage with a luxurious feel. Wow your friends and colleagues with a whopping 42 mpg in a Lexus.

2012 Honda Insight: 41 City/44 Hwy (42 Avg.), Base Price: $18,350.
1.3-liter, 4-Cylinder engine with 98 hp. The Honda Insight is much more affordable than the Lexus CT 200h.

4. 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid: 43 City/39 Hwy (41 Avg.), Base Price: $25,900. 2.5-liter, 4-Cylinder engine with 200-horsepower, reaching 0-60 mph in 7.7 secs. If you love the original Camry, then you should try the Camry Hybrid because it has better fuel economy, which can be a big saver after a few years.

camry hybrid

5. Ford Fusion Hybrid vs Lincoln MKZ Hybrid: In the fifth spot are two contenders from Ford Motors with each having a combined 39 mpg. These hybrids are packed with a powerful engine which give out 191 hp. The Fusion Hybrid is more affordable, while the MKZ Hybrid has more class and style.

2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid: 41 City/36 Hwy (39 Avg.), Base Price: $28,775.
2.5-liter, 4-Cylinder engine with 191 hp. 0-60 mph in 8.4 secs.

2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid: 41 City/36 Hwy (39 Avg.), Base Price: $34,755. 2.5-liter, 4-Cylinder engine with 191 hp. 0-60 mph in 8.2 secs.

6. Honda CR-Z vs Hyundai Sonata Hybrid vs Kia Optima Hybrid vs Scion iQ: Ranking in sixth place is a 4-way tie with each car having an estimated combined 37 mpg.

2012 Honda CR-Z: 35 City/39 Hwy (37 Avg.), Base price: $19,545.
2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid: 35 City/40 Hwy (37 Avg.) Base Price: $25,850.
2012 Kia Optima Hybrid: 35 City/40 Hwy (37 Avg.), Base Price: $25,700.
2012 Scion iQ: 36 City/37 Hwy (37 Avg.), Base Price: $15,265.

7. 2012 Smart for Two: 34 City/38 Hwy (36 Avg.), Base Price: $12,490.
1.0-liter, 3-cylinder runs on high-priced premium fuel with only 70 hp. 0-60 mph in 12.8 secs. When is it too smart to save money? Small, affordable 2-seat coupe that has a small engine, capable of saving you a lot of money due to it low cost and 36 combined fuel efficiency. If you prefer style, go with the cabriolet model, a convertible version that start at $17,690.

8. Volkswagen Jetta TDI, Golf TDI, Volkswagen Passat TDI, and Audi A3. Each car has a estimated combined 36 mpg and they all run on diesel instead of regular gasoline.

2012 Volkswagen Jetta TDI: 30 City/42 Hwy (36 Avg.), Base Price: $22,775.
2012 Volkswagen Golf TDI: 30 City/42 Hwy (36 Avg.), Base Price: $24,235.
2012 Volkswagen Passat TDI: 31 City/43 Hwy (36 Avg.), Base Price: $25,995.
2012 Audi A3: 30 City/42 Hwy (36 Avg.), Base Price: $27,270.

9. Chevrolet Cruze Eco vs Kia Rio vs Hyundai Accent vs Lexus HS 250h: All 4 cars have a combined 35 mpg.

2012 Chevrolet Cruze Eco: 28 City/42 Hwy (35 Avg.), Base Price: $19,325.
2012 Kia Rio: 30 City/40 Hwy (35 Avg.), Base Price: $13,400.
2012 Hyundai Accent: 30 City/40 Hwy (35 Avg.), Base Price: $12,545.
Lexus HS 250h: 35 City/34 Hwy (35 Avg.), Base Price: $37,030.

10. The 9 cars listed below, every car has an estimated combined 34 mpg. When trying to save money, fuel efficiency is not the only factor, buying a car that cost much less with fewer mpg is actually better than buying one with high mpg but costing you over $5k more.

2012 Hyundai Elantra: 29 City/40 Hwy (34 Avg.), Base Price: $16,695.
2012 Ford Fiesta: 29 City/40 Hwy (34 Avg.), Base Price: $15,670.
2012 Chevrolet Sonic: 29 City/40 Hwy (34 Avg.), Base Price: $15,065.
2012 Nissan Versa: 30 City/38 Hwy (34 Avg.), Base Price: $10,990.
2012 Fiat 500: 30 City/38 Hwy (34 Avg.), Base Price: $15,500.
2012 Toyota Yaris: 30 City/38 Hwy (34 Avg.), Base Price: $14,115.
2012 Hyundai Veloster: 28 City/40 Hwy (34 Avg.), Base Price: $17,300.
2012 Mazda 3 iTouring: 28 City/40 Hwy (34 Avg.), Base Price: $18,700.
2012 Ford Focus: 28 City/40 Hwy (34 Avg.), Base Price: $18,300.

*Special Cars* - The following cars will help you save money on gas every month. However, their prices are a little hefty at the moment and the reason they are not on the top 10 list because you cannot refuel them at most local gas stations.

*S1. Chevrolet Volt: 35 City/40 Hwy (37 Avg.) (Premium Gas), 95 City/93 Hwy (94 Avg. MPG3) (Electric) Base Price: $39,145. Premium Gas or Electric. Single Charge Range: 35 Miles. Start using gas after 35 miles.
*S2. Mitsubishi i-MiEV: 126 City/99 Hwy (112 Avg. MPGe), Base Price: $29,125. All-Electric. Single Charge Range: 62 Miles.
*S3. Ford Focus Electric: 110 City/99 Hwy (105 Avg. MPGe), Base Price: $39,200. All-Electric. Single Charge Range: 76 Miles.
*S4. Nissan Leaf: 106 City/92 Hwy (99 Avg. MPGe), Base Price: $35,200. All-Electric. Single Charge Range: 73 Miles.
*S5. CODA Electric: 77 City/68 Hwy (73 Avg. MPGe), Base Price: $38,145. All-Electric. Single Charge Range: 88 Miles.
*S6. Azure Transit Connect Electric: 62 City/62 Hwy (62 Avg. MPGe), Base Price: $57,400. All-Electric. Single Charge Range: 56 Miles.
*S7. Honda Civic GX: 27 City/38 Hwy (32 Avg.), Base Price: $26,305. Natural Gas. Fuel Tank: 8.0 GGE.

What do you think of this list? If there are better fuel efficient cars available on the market, please list those cars and link to them. We only list cars that are currently available for purchase in the U.S. market. Concept cars that have not been release cannot be on the list because it is not yet available for purchase. Your comment is very valuable and it will help us keep the list accurate. Please allow 1-3 weeks for revision.

  • Paul Barrows

    My 2011 Gas powered Sonata gets 38 miles per gallon on the hwy. Not bad!

  • I don’t believe these car manufactures when they publish there mpg. It would be great to know the avd mpg of cars when they’re three years old.

  • Diesel Gal

    I have a 2012 VW Jetta TDI. I drive 90% highway daily and get about 43 mpg. I have gotten more in warmer weather (about 45 mpg). I routinely drive about 75-80 mph. I don’t know how batman is getting 55 mpg around town. My mpg drops like a rock in city driving. I think the TDI should rank higher on your list as most people get better mpg than the sticker reports whereas the sonata and kia hybrids are getting in low 30s, nowhere near 40 mpg

  • Batman

    The Jetta TDI gets around 55 mpg city and 50 regular off road driving

  • mitch

    wheres the volkswagons the vw golf tdi get about 43 mpg average and on highway its gets about 55mpg

  • Dan

    I have a RX400h since 12/2005. The mileage is close to 110,000miles. I followed the factory suggested regular scheduled maintenance. The car runs great as long as I put gas in it. However, the mileage has been between 23 to 25 MPG combined highway and city depending on my driving. The mileage gets worse in the city streets (SF) 19-22 MPG. My commute is ~65 miles a day. I am in the market for a good commute car. Good mileage and comfort combine if possible. Please let me know if you have any recommendations.

    • Wimpy

      You’ll get better gas mileage with a Chevrolet Impala, with the added advantage of a full size car, luxury interior, and top safety features. To save MONEY (not miles per gallon), use E85 when it’s a buck cheaper per gallon.

  • Mary Lou

    Several years ago we owned a Geo Metro. It was a small car but big enough to get us where we wanted to go. It got 50 MPG on a regular basis, so i know cars can be built to get good gas mileage. Unfortunately, we traded it off. (I wish we had kept it as a second car.) And they have no longer been made for the past several years. Ummm?…. Wonder why? –Maybe TOO GOOD gas mileage?!

    • Wimpy

      The Geo Metro is a death trap. No safety features, underpowered, and unreliable braking and handling. It’s not safe at any speed.

  • zohair

    honda is much better than toyota in comparing of drive

  • Catherine Fros

    Let’s face it people . . . we have the technology for gas/electric. It’s time the big corporations understand that the better the vehicle and lowering the prices they would sell even more volume and make money. This is a win win for all. This is what we needs to be done so every citizen who is looking to purchase a vehicle can get the best vehicle on the market with a reasonable price.



    -From thesupercars
    As stated, these are cars in the United States.

  • From those cars, I like Toyota Prius. I hope can buy it in the next six months.

  • can’t believe that Smart Car made it in here!

  • Waldo

    It’s a shame car manufacturers are still making cars that they want us to have. Wouldn’t it be novel if they asked the public what they wanted in a car? As far as I’m concerned most auto manufacturers are selling us over priced, over gageted, pieces of junk that are mostly throw away cars. Sure as hell the average mechanic can’t repair them. Why doesn’t some maker produce a practical vehicle comparable to say an old bettle. Roomy, comfortable, simple, That gets good gas mileage with a heater, an airconditioner, under 1.5 litre, (Not everyone wants a station wagon that performs like a Countach.) simple electronic ignition and fuel injection and thats all. Hell even a radio should be optional. Electric vehicles will never be practical. Ask any power company especially with the coming of non evasive generation. Can you immagine one million electrical cars getting rechaged at the same time? The “black outs” would be phenominal.

  • martha dawson

    Natural gas is a viable option.
    gas tanks could be installed at current gas stations.

  • martha dawson

    Natural gas seems a viable option. It will just tke time and money to develop and build enough sservice stations. Or, why not install tanks at current gas sttions?

  • Charles Henson

    I own a Volt and love it. If you drive a 20 miles or less to work you’ll use zero gas. If you drive farther, the car auotmatically goes into extended range and gets 37 MPG. Total rang is around 400+ miles. I have 1300 miles on the car and haven’t had to fill up yet. Gas milage is over 230 MPG. Love it …. stickin it to the man..

    • Wimpy

      So, if I am looking for a high mileage car for 500 mile trips, the Volt is not for me? I did not know that, thank you for enlightening me. May as well stick with my 30 MPG Impala and use E85 when it’s a buck cheaper. Less MPG, but a cheaper 500 mile trip.

  • Alan

    Have a 2012 Subaru Impreza – getting about 37 mpg combined. Car is nicely equipped, base car is less than 20K

  • Dalton

    I have been very skeptical of published mpg’s by car companies. Edmund’s testing
    is very accurate and turns out the published numbers for Mini Coopers are accurate.

    • Wimpy

      I’ve had about twenty General Motors cars, and they are very close to advertised MPG, sometimes even higher. Plus the on board computer is a great way to monitor it between fill-ups.

  • Dalto

    I have a new Mini Cooper Coupe with 6 speed stick shift and turbo–am getting 35
    miles per gallon in Portland and up lots of steep hills. This is an awesome car which
    is lots of fun to drive with great acceleration , with a turbo that gets you going fast
    wit 188 horsepower. It is rated at 42 highway mpg.

  • Heather

    I was told by a dealer that ALL cars which operate totally or semi on Batteries will have to have them replaced at 60,000 and that cost is around $3,000. Plus the batteries are a waste and enviormental hazard so were is the UP side to this if after just a year or two you have to put $3,000 into the vehicle? I’ll stick to gas only and drive a Civic.

    • Dan

      I have a RX400h since 12/2005. I use it for commute a little more than 60miles round trip a day. The mileage is close 110,000miles. I did the regular scheduled maintenance. The car runs great as long as you put gas in it. The power battery is still working fine. The service advisor in the Lexus shop told me so far they have not replace any batter packs in any of the RX400h hybrid cars. The warrant on the power drive train ran out after 100,000 miles. So I am on my own. The relacement cost for the battery pack could cost ~$3000 to $5000. But I was told that the power pack should be good for more than 200,000miles. It works good so far. We will see!

  • If the US was allowed to have European cars, this would be a very different list. The Smart gets twice the mileage in Europe, and there’s an electric version. Our government should be ashamed. There’s no excuse for ANY consumer car to be getting less than 40 MPG at this stage of technology.

    • Wimpy

      In Europe they have mostly little diesel engines, because they don’t care about how much smog they have and must not have the same air quality laws we do. Most diesel owners in the US didn’t like them also.

  • saurav

    I think some of the the information realeated to avg.of the cars are not too accurate because avg. of 50 is quit impossible.but I comletly agree with the top 10 fastest car list which have been posted by the site

  • Tom

    Keep in mind Toyota only makes a very few Prius every year and they sell them at below cost. So just how sustainable is this market when it comes to the top 5 best players?
    And some of these vehicles like the Smart are just silly. Not fuel economical, not safe and not practical. It’s for people too poor to afford parking spaces in the city.

    Once Toyota and Honda are fed up paying us to buy their hybrids we’ll be back to gas only cars. We need to make the transition into affordable hydrogen gas cars. Yes, too expensive for now, but it seems to be the only sustainable solution.

    • Wimpy

      I agree, Tom. As for electric cars, it takes money to charge the batteries also. They don’t really tell you that, and people seem to forget or not want to consider that.



  • Ernesto Borge.

    Great list for the US buyers, it covers most popular sizes. Of course it’s not about tiny 3-wheelers used in Asia, it’s about serious cars. American users demand a minimum of room, power and size, that’s why most small cars, very popular in Europe, are a market fiasco in the USA. Thanks to the editor.

  • Dave

    Folks, driving like sh*t wastes gas, and technology isn’t going to save you. I get >50 mpg in my 1.7L 2005 Honda Civic LX by hypermiling. And if I had a nickel for every Prius owner who darted around me to slam on the brakes at the next light, I could buy each of you Hummer drivers a full tank of gas!

  • Electrical cars are another option, but present models are not ideal because the batteries they use do not hold the same amount of energy as a car powered by fuel injection, few recharging stations, and relatively high cost. However, they have far lower maintenance costs than gas powered vehicles. Besides replacing the battery every two or three years for several thousand dollars, checking brake and power steering levels, not much service is required. The driver must stop and recharge the battery every few miles for several hours. Advantages are it is quiet, smooth, and accelerates a lot better than expressed.

  • Martyn

    Please also take into consideration that a U.S Gallon is smaller than a U.K Gallon when comparing fuel figures,

    U.S Gallon = 3.78 litres
    U.K Gallon = 4.55 litres

  • gage

    where is the chevy volt

  • Tom

    I’ve got a 2011 Honda CR-Z. I average 41mpg. If I drive like an old man on the freeway I get about 46mpg. I’e got no kids so I don’t need a 4-seater. Me, my wife and the dog fit just fine. Love the hatch back over the trunks in GMs and Fords. Smooth as silk CVT transmission and it’s FUN to drive. 10 months, 15K miles so far, and no regrets.

  • Thurman Simonis

    not gonna lie, sometimes I wish I went to school in Boston and lived at home so that I could save my money for an apartment … #toolate

  • Ian

    Why is it that cars in Europe are twice as efficient as cars in the US they have a gas car (kia) that gets 85mpg and many more between 50 and 75mpg yet you have only two that come close to that and one is all electric and the other is part electric.

    *from admin* – you are absolutely right. There are just too many cars in the world that have great fuel efficiency. I have added in the post that these are “Most Fuel Efficient Cars in the U.S.” Sorry for the mistake.

  • car crash

    I have a crappy car run 0-60 in 24 housr. lol
    anyway, when are they gonna make a car run by air.
    air make electricity to run the car ^_^

  • brandon

    I wish that people would mainstream publish the amount of environmental impact, destruction and pollution that goes into the production of the batteries alone. The savings on gas does not even come close to the loss from the battery production. But it makes the greenies feel better.


    7. Volkswagen Jetta TDI & Golf TDI: Each Volkswagen car has a estimated combined 34 mpg and they both run on diesel instead of regular gasoline. The price for the Jetta and Golf are very similar and depending on your style, you can either go with the Jetta or the Golf.

    Volkswagen Jetta TDI: 30 City/42 Hwy (34 avg), Base Price: $22,995. 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder TDI clean diesel engine with 140 hp. 0-60 mph in 8.7 secs.

  • I really doubt some of those mileages on the cars above are accurate…very hard to believe esp the Ford Fiesta, Toyota Corolla, and a few others..Impossible unless a hybrid…even then.
    GET A VW DIESEL—-Our government is preaching fuel economy & they won’t release like VW polo over here….Never seems to be much praise in articles in ref. to VW’s in general…
    I agree with this post:
    motor head x treme says:
    February 10, 2012 at 3:19 pm
    you all do realize that this is only for the US if you go to Europe and get a VW polo it gets up to 80 miles to the gallon. And what’s more is it’s cheaper to buy than a prius and more economical. Why can’t we have cars like that over here. And I bet there are at least ten maybe even twenty great cars we’ve never seen or even heard of in this country which you will see if you go to Europe.

  • Where is the Volkswagon diesel car or cars…Excellent mileage.. I have manuel Jetta diesel and get 31 in town (starting & stopping) and got 59.9 gal. on highway…?? Combined about 42….What happened to the VW car…not on list.

    *from admin* – Volkswagen Jetta TDI and Golf TDI are on the list.

  • Kendra Moore-Johnson

    i think this is a really good website gives you a lot of information (:

  • motor head x treme

    you all do realize that this is only for the US if you go to Europe and get a VW polo it gets up to 80 miles to the gallon. And what’s more is it’s cheaper to buy than a prius and more economical. Why can’t we have cars like that over here. And I bet there are at least ten maybe even twenty great cars we’ve never seen or even heard of in this country which you will see if you go to Europe.

  • motor head x treme

    shouldn’t the ford escape be in the fuel efficient suv’s?

  • Baffler

    I had a 1981 Diesel VW Rabbit that got about 60 highway miles to the gallon.
    Diesel was $1.03 a gallon.

    Oh the good old days

  • Honda Civic GX
    You Dig

  • Jeffrey

    I’m quite sure this story was written for the USA market therefor meaning cars available for purchase here. I’m sure there are plenty of cars out there that will beat the milage numbers listed in this article. However I couldn’t purchase any of those from user comments as they are not available in our market.

  • When it comes to hybrid vehicles, the Japanese auto brands are always considered as the best option. So, there is no surprise to see the new Prius developed from Toyoya Motors occupying the top-slot here.

  • Lori

    Just the info I was looking for. Thanks

  • Brandi Oswood

    I just bought the 2012 Hyundai Accent with roughly 40 hwy mpg and am very please. Its a nice little car fully loaded for around 20.000. I didnt see it on the list. Living in so-cal I put 10 in the tank yesterday in it gave me 128 miles off of empty, so gas wise, Im pleased. Full tank holds around 400 miles.

  • John

    I would also mention the Scion iQ, 2012 Ford Focus (SFE), Mazda3, Chevrolet Cruze Eco, as well as the electric cars Mitsubishi I, Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf, and the Ford Focus Electric.

  • miath

    we have 5 ford escape .job problem after problem, plastic.ruff ride.noisy engine.etc.etc……….replace all 5 whit 2 trany ….sensor problem the list is long not made fore company only good for pleasure ride on Sunday..

  • Ashu

    Well if this cars are giving best millage as per details given then what will you say about this…..TATA Motors >INDICA EV-2 a 1400cc Diesel TDI car is giving 97.5 MPG… or can say 25kpl the best in the hatchback. This car has given 42kmpl (161.70MPG) but under special test rides done by company.Want to know more you can visit on TATA motors web page .

  • san

    Prius is the best sedan gives an efficient mileage of 51mpg in city and 48 mpg in highways.It has got great acceleration 0f 0-60 in just 9.8 sec.Interior of this sedan is spacious when compared with the other models.head lamps and tail lamps are the main attractions of this.

  • tom

    This is the first SUV which gives an great mileage compared to the other SUVs.In city its mpg is 32 and in the highways it is 31 mpg.It is also capable to perform heavy duty jobs.Even the appearance of the SUV is great.If any one is looking for fuel efficient SUV they can blindly go for it.

  • kamlesh

    in Indian market tata providing the car having average of 100 mpg .. . .check it out .. . . tata indica. . .

  • Jehan

    I have to agree with gene, the Fit Sport is a great car and it gets great fuel efficiency. On combined city and highway, I can get 40 mpg.

  • AJ

    This list is crap, there are far more economical cars, mainly cars with smaller engine capacities.

    Eg. Suzuki Alto (800 cc and 1000cc engines)
    Chevrolet Beat Diesel (1.1 litre 3 cylinder diesel engine)
    Nissan Micra Diesel (1.5 litre Renault Diesel Engine)
    Suzuki Swift Diesel (1.3 litre Fiat Diesel Engine)

    In fact, the Fiat Multi-Air Engine is considered to be the best engine of the world right now.

    All of the cars I’ve mentioned give over 22 kpl (52 mpg) on the highway.

  • samy

    wow i didnt know my dad’s car is third on this list

  • martin

    prius’s are driven by the kind of man who has a greasy beard, designs home furnishings, doesnt work out and lives in his mothers house. buy the new stang, can get decent mileage from the fuel efficient one and you dont look like a 40 year old virgin

  • Jill

    We have a Ford Fusion, which has over 200,000 miles on it. It has been a great car that gets good gas mileage. And tho it has alot of miles….. I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. I love it. If you take care of your cars they will last longer.

  • Milton

    tata indigo ecs & tata indica eV2- 25kpl(58.8mpg)

  • The Chevrolet Matiz returns 53MPG..

  • Tariq

    It is a good effort. If you give a comparison side by side may help a lot. Thanks

  • My favorite from the list is Ford Fusion Hybrid.

  • Bill Diller

    Tim – I have a 2010 Prius and I have driven it over 15,000 miles this year so far and I have averaged for the entire distance 50.3 miles per gallon. Now as to whether you are better off in a Fit i can’t say. I find the Prius roomy and comfortable.

  • RearView

    You should all looking at what should be the answer to all the this MPG propaganda!! And the answer is……….H or Hydrogen for the unscientific! H is the most abundant element in the entire universe and guess what? It is free!!
    Someday in the future the entire planet will be using H for everything and I mean everything !!
    To bad I will not be around to enjoy the benefits of H !!


  • Tyler

    Tim: You are full of crap! I own a 2010 Prius and it definitely get 50+ per gallon. At 70 it still maintains the 50+ miles per gallon. You need to get your facts straight before your go post some crappy comment.

  • Tim

    You are full of it, prius does only 40 mpg at the most. When chevy cruize its about 43 mpg and its not a hybrid this is all crap

  • Gregory

    What about the Chevy Cruize? It gets better mileage than some hybrids, and it’s a conventional gas engine!

  • Anand Beera

    When it comes to mainly economy and technology NISSAN LEAF beat all cars on the road including Toyota Prius. Best car in the world for pollution control from emission and sound.
    Dont have to go to gas stations, no maintenance, no transmission oil, no engine oil, no spills, no fire hazard, best car for enjoying music as it is zero sound pollution. It has GPS, XM radio, touch screen navigation, hands free telephone (blue tooth), rear view monitoring while reversing. If you have to buy a car with all these facilities it will be costly. The greatest things is you will help younger generations to come after you to enjoy life on earth by controlling fuel pollution and sound pollution. The car takes 2 or 3 cents per kilometer to electric charge. It gives 220 kms in eco mode and if you have to use A/C or heating then 120 to 160 kms. Still very good . I love Nissan Leaf. The best Car at 160 km/ph on the road with instant torque. Good for highway with 3000lbs wight and 160 kms speed unlike some small cars existing which rumble on highways. I wish by 2020 everyone buys electric cars and save this world and their pockets.

  • John

    How about AWD or 4X4 , Do any of the above models come in an AWD or 4×4. If so what is the MPG on those models

  • Miranda

    To be honest is a any of these cars automatic ? And good gas milage plus cheap with 4 wheel drive and can drive well in any weather

  • nvg

    I have purchased the Honda hybrid 2011 in hope, it will save me a gas and I do have respect of Honda as a car as well. For 25K cost you are expecting good quality and moreover ….. a hybrid efficiency of gas mileage, as it is advertised with the big numbers on the car sticker 40 city, 44 high way. Yes but NO. When I took the car of the dealer, for the first month, the gas mileage was fluctuating between 38-42 city in average 45-60 mileage /hr with the AC on 2bars of its power. After 3 months, went down to 28-33mlg/G. Took the car to the shop for the first time oil change and had them check the software and told the dealer what my concern was about. Was told there was a slide update and that’s it. Took the car off the shop and from the distance of proximally 30 miles it went up to 38 mlg / G. I was so happy!!! But after 3 days it went back to 28 Mlg/G and now is average 33.2 Mlg/ G. Was told from the dealers to keep the receipt for 3 full gas tanks and to come back. I did it. And after the second check was told that this is normal and was told that at the beginning the car was given good gas mileage, because it at March the weather is cold and the engine is ruining more efficiently!?!?!?!?! And I should be careful when buying a car because is it saying on the window sticker with tiny shrift that the real gas mileage is 33-37 in city. Yes it says that! So what is the conclusion DO NOT BUY HONDA civic HYBRID, there are much less cost cars on the market and with the regular engine, not being a hybrid and which one are approaching the same gas mileage 29-31 city. Buying HONDA civic hybrid is just not worth the money. This is the worst Hybrid on the market
    If it says 40/44 it doesn’t say in what condition the car is achieving this rate!? And in my question, how is possible another car ,same year Honda CIVIC hybrid 2011, longer distance to my work, is achieving 38-40 city, and I know the colleague of mine is running the AC on 3-4 bars all the time. The manager of the tech service was nice to tell me at least he will talk with the Honda engineers. I doubt will call me at all with any solution or reasonable explanation. I doubt also that when it’s getting colder the car will improve the gas mileage an become hybrid, this is silly because winter time the engine needs more gas to heat up the system.

  • Really nice cars here. Wow, I want one of them. I didn’t know Hyundai cars look great. Its not very popular in the UK. My Husband used to drive one in the 90’s.

  • Timothy

    What about the Tesla Roadster?

  • Mika

    Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf are electric cars

  • Sheriff

    Wish I could feed it peas and gram

  • For instance, if safety is your concern, VW Golf is the ultimate choice.

  • fred

    i have a horse and carraige

  • Ralph Kleeber

    The Honda Civic GX is proof of how we are being put off by the government and oil companies. They all talk about alternative fuel and we have to come up with it. We already have the alternative fuel; Hydrogen and Natural gas. The problem is we have no place to buy it. That is why the auto makers are not producing the vehicles. So; the oil companies are making record profits why not have the government, force them to provide places in every city to buy both products. Then the car makers would produce the vehicles in quantity, The price of producing them would be lower, create jobs building the vehicles, create jobs putting in the places to fuel the vehicles and the oil companies will still make money because they control the Natural gas and Hydrogen is produced with natural gas. Win Win for everyone and the environment. Write your government representatives and the president demanding something be done (now) not 10 years from now.

  • goliath

    include Tata Nano in this list. It is unbeatable in fuel economy.

  • Ya Ford Ka mileage is awesome!

  • What happened the the Insights MPG? it seems to be getting worst every year. Glad to see the Prius is getting 50+ MPG.

  • alec

    wheres the 2011 camaro ss? should be near the top.. 16mpg downhill beeeches!

  • todd harlow

    They already have the tech to make cars that run for nothing its a scam, Like insurance that takes and takes but when you wreck act like you dont exist all a scam

  • I feel Honda and Toyota are the best fuel efficient cars. First place has to be for Toyota and then comes Honda. Even Hyundai and Ford are comparatively good.

  • Hey what about fisker karma and chevrolet volt? Fisker Karma gets 100mpg and Volt gets 125mpg.

  • Glad to know Hyundai can make some good car like that.

  • Harvey Anderson

    I first drove a Ford Ka on a trip to Germany, Sweden and Norway in the 1990s. Now whenever I go back I try and request one specifically from Hertz. Got then, and still does get mileage better than the Prius in the mid 50s miles to the Gallon.

  • Billybob

    The Golf is by far the best

  • Respected Dear,

    I Realy like all types of But ford escape hybrid ic too good thats why i like off road suv.

  • james mathwees

    chevy cobalt and chevy cruze

  • jj

    chevy cobal and chevy cruze

  • Josh

    don’t really like fuel efficient cars

  • well . none of these cool enough .

  • daisy jones

    check the fiat 500, a lot on the road in europe

  • daisy jones

    check the fiat 500

  • don’tleaveoutthevolt

    Chevrolet Volt-
    Base Price: $41,000 DELIVERED
    Tax Credit: $7,500 est
    Lowest Base Price After Tax Credit: $32,780 DELIVERED
    Fully Charged In About: 10 HRS on 120-Volt line
    Fully Charged In About: 4 HRS on 240-Volt line
    EST 35 mile range on EV mode
    Motor Trend’s Tested Fuel Fill Up Range-1118 Miles

  • nick

    There are lots of Europeans cars that get great gas mileage. Most are not sold in the US because they have mostly manual transmissions and that … doesn’t sit well with people who eat burgers and slurp sodas while driving.

  • Suspa

    I think this a great list with many different alternatives other than sedans and smartcars. You’ve got to think that many cars had to be picked and chosen over others. Its the top 10 not top 20-50. Besides all the people saying what about my 1999 (insert car here) Look at the title. These are cars based from the 2011-2012 time frame. In concern to how much style the interior has your looking at a list about gas mileage and fuel economy. Not luxury/lambo looking cars. The interior has little if anything to do with great mileage. People need to realize this is a specific list for a specific purpose and has nothing to do with anything else.
    Great list keep up the good intel!

  • YouRhomo

    Are you serious people… Your live in north America got not idea about cars….. I’ll rather go to sleep…. Zzzzz….

  • nicopm

    where the hell is peugeot 308??

  • Jamie-lee

    What about the FIAT 500 ?? The FIAT has fantastic fuel economy !
    And they are now available in North America

  • Jim

    The cars can get better milage in the city because they are running off the electric motor because the higher power gas engine is not needed as much in the city. All that have higher milage numbers in the city are the hybrids, and they should do better.

  • jj

    also , you have it, with many of these, that they get better milage in the city than on the hwy? how can this be?

  • Billiy bru

    my hummer is great on millage

  • Mina

    These cars may be the most fuel-efficient cars but sure enough in my opinion all of them except for the Hyundais and the smart for two, they’ve barely got any looks. The inside of a Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla is almost the same but Corolla is a much better car. When it is speeding at 80-90 miles per hour, another car such as Hyundai Avante speeding up at 140 miles per hour won’t catch up to it. I am not saying this from getting information from the internet, I have tested and experienced this problem before. Please leave comments on my comment.

  • Krishnakanth

    Tata Indica Diesel TDI 55MPG. Suzuki Alto 45+ MPG, Fiat Linea Tjet Diesel TDI 45 MPG,
    However these are indian cars 🙂 They offer only MPG, nothing Else. Do not expect Luxury and Looks like Civic or Prius in these cars. 😀

  • ohh man it kills my eyes

  • Diane

    Why are you leaving out the Mazdas? I have a 1999 Mazda 626 that is manual transmission, gets 36 mpg, has the original engine, original transmission,clutch, only brake pads replaced. I bought the car in 2000 with 34,000 miles on it. I do a lot of long distance driving and it has served me well.

  • i think i just went blind

  • We are still looking for the best gas mileage suv or family vehicle (dare I say mini-van) we are really interested in the hybrid escape, but what we really need it for are longer trips where it wouldn’t get as good of gas mileage. What are some other options that get above 30mpg yet have the room for 4-5 people and lots of gear?

  • terry

    your list is completely inaccurate

  • Ryan

    Great article. Thanks for putting this summary together.

  • I purchased a 2010 Nissan cube and average of 35mpg city,they have alot to offer at a reasonable price. I love my car and would not trade it for anything.

  • MrsCarito

    Not true we have the GX at the Honda dealership I work at in Ohio.

  • johnny rocket

    the toyota prius is deffinently the most fuel efficiant

  • Beargirl

    I have a 2006 Chevy HHR. Published highway mpg is 30, I regularly get 28 in the city and have gotten upwards of 40mpg on long road trips.

  • curtis

    these are all lies, just letting you see what they want you to see. Gas and diesel motors in foreign markets get better gas mileage. Just do some research. the more i seek it the harder it it getting to find. i don’t know why we are consuming so much

  • Reshad

    Why any French car is not mentioned here, Renault, Citron or Peugeot???

  • They were talking about affordable efficent vehicles not a tesla roadster that is $104,000 after taxes and rebates if any to save you the grand total without chances of rebate of $125,000. If your looking for a certain range of cheap and efficent as well as safe and comfortable go with a Honda Civic hybrid, Toyota Camary and even Nissan Altima hybrid. All affordable for the average joe who still wants a astronomical bang for his or her buck.

  • Michelle

    I agree with Jack , Tesla is amazing . <3

  • TESLA rocks

  • jack

    Chevy Cruze tops them all, in a NA market.

  • di3withme

    suzuki alto and celerio most fuel effecient!

  • sandeep thakur

    in petrol engine i think tata nano is most fuel efficient car after maruti suzuki 800 in hilly areas… in himalyas…

  • A car has to meet the practical needs of the owner as well as provide good value – it seems the same vehicles are showing up on lists year after year. I guess I will be purchasing another Camry – be it a hybrid. Thanks for the info.’

  • I love your list. Perfect but my civic LX is not bad at all to compare your list above. Maybe you forget it.


  • Audi a3? Why? are you sure of that?

  • denver

    The audi a3 is the best fuel milage car on the market. Funny how its not mentioned. This list is a joke!!!

  • J

    I do not accept your findings.
    Check the XL1 from VW!
    Now…that is trully the most fuel efficient car!

  • Richard

    For all of you people that didn’t notice the advancment of measuring gas mileage for the last 30 years, they probobly measured wrong. I highly doubt a car from the 80’s could get 30+ mpg.

  • Frank Bakis

    Please Wake up america. You know there are cars in this world that get great mileage. You will never see. The car makers are in bed with the oil companys. Its all in the plan for them to take your money. The usa is in a sad state of affairs. Its going on all over the world. They steal from us. The rich are so gready. See why all countrys are in panic?

  • Toby

    You don’t have to plug in a hybrid. It charges itself.

  • G Thompson

    This list is worthless. The hybrid cars are a joke, with no range and quite costly to charge. How about a list of cars with actual high mileage instead of this pretend list.

  • Smart for two gets all my votes.
    I love the car

  • John

    Agree with many of previous responses. My ’81 jetta diesel always got 50mpg and my ’87 MB 190DT still gets 40-45 on it’s original 24 year old engine. Electric cars: a cruel joke like ethanol.

  • David Turner

    Back in the 1980’s my brother had two little cars called a Sprint, I think they were made by Chevrolet. I remember him telling me that one got 56 mpg and the other 57 mpg. If they could make cars back then that got that kind of mileage why can’t they do it now.

  • wat theravuthi

    I think golf 1.6 tdi is rated at 65.7 mpg, it should be the most efficient car in the world at the moment. BMW 320d is also rated 68.9 mpg but I don’t know whether it is on sale on the market or not. Volvo s80 1.6D is rated over 60 mpg but again availability on the market or not.

  • Nahema

    We need carz ov such kind

  • Paula

    It is really disappointing that these are the most fuel efficient cars. What happened to the cars that got 70 miles a gallon ? Why don’t the companies work harder to make a car fuel efficient. 45 miles to a gallon is the best we can do ??? And the cars listed at getting 35 mph etc, I don’t see that as fuel efficient.

  • joseph

    I would love to get a newer fuel efficent car.
    I am not sure why the auto companys are having such a hard time building one.
    My 92 Caprice Wagon weighed around 4000 pounds and had a 5L 305ci motor it got 18 city and 25 highway. Drove it till it died

  • Hasnun Slay


  • Zondaguy1122

    This cars are go from Cairo to Alexandria with one of them you will need 10$only of FUEL.
    I want a ford escape car.

  • RedRahe

    This list is BS these guys totally accepted money from these companies.
    The Mazda Tribute and mercury mariner and the Ford Escape are exactly the same vehicle (google it, I have one) except for some cosmetic’s like the grill and head/tail lights. I don’t see Ford anywhere on this list. BOGUS!!! Scam artists paid to publish what the payor wanted!!!! Nothing less

  • George

    ok I’m game what cars have gotten 50 mpg for years? I just want you to name one? I’m no hybrid fan but if your going to state facts and make a case don’t be stupid and make up facts that are not present. I have been in the auto industry for years so I can’t wait…the smart car doesn’t even break 50…so where is your common sense?

  • Hi there, I found your web site via Google while looking for a related topic for my study. Finally i found site discussing this topic, It’s really a great and valuable piece of info. I’m glad that you really shown this specific helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Many thanks for sharing.

  • Matthew Crain

    Hybrids are a crock look at all the milages that are posted by 5 10 15 year old manual transmission vehicles. How bout those batteries??? How good are they for the environment. Just another ploy for stupid people to buy into. Cars have gotten 50 mpg for years and a hybrid can hardly do that. Not to mention you can pick up a crx or festiva for like 1500 bucks in mint shape and wax the milage of a 20,000 plus dollar hybrid. I just would like to know where the hell everyones common sense and intellegence is??? Common now I have an 01 Infiniti G20 automatic that gets 30 plus if I drive it as sesnible speeds and keep my foot out of it

  • Matthew Crain

    My brother has a 2005 chevy cavalier ls sport coupe 5 speed that has been calculated to get 40 plus highway on several occasions. If you are concerned about milage the first thing you should get do is learn how to drive and get a manual transmission. Many V8 manuals such as trans ams w/6speeds get 30 plus highway and that was back in 2000. Hybrids and all that crap is a bunch of b/s.

  • cheese

    cheese scares me…

  • Sean

    The Ford Fusion hybrid should be second on the list, I still prefer my 5.0 ltr V8 though it gets 16 on a really good day. I have to drive sooo much to counteract all these hybrids.

  • John Lee

    My 1976 Toyota Celica 5 speed gets 40mpg. My wifes Toyota Paseo 1997 gets 36mpg. Why in 2010 are we not doing better with non hybrids?

  • Toyota Prius, Honda CR_Z, MINI Cooper, Ford Fiesta SFE, Toyota Yaris,…. hybrids are still just too expensive IMHO. Dissapointed to see only two non-hybrids on this list and surprised to see the mini bumped. I’d love to see a list of top fuel-efficient broken out into non-hybrids v. hybrids.

  • John

    Who ever here thinks that top gear USA is better than top gear UK, thinks WRONG. I mean just look at these legendary/funny moments of Top Gear UK:

    (( 😀 😀 😀

    Lets see what u think after u watch these HILARIOUS videos of TOP GEAR UK.

  • Glenn

    1987 Mercedes-Benz 190D 2.5 — 33 city, 39 hwy.
    1989 Honda Civic 39 – 52
    1990 Geo Metro – unbeatable ever.

    Hwo need ugly hybrids where 7 out of 10 owners get cancer. Yek.

  • Nice article. We need more energy efficient car to save money and earth.

  • Well I could make them all 50% better on fuel.
    I may be interested in selling my car for a price.
    The latest test for my 1984 Nissan Bluebird Wagon is a 68.27% improvment.
    see for more info.

  • You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me!!

  • Arm

    how about the electric cars, like chevy volt, or TESLA, or Lexus Hybrids

  • Ariane fr78

    My car is an old 1996 VW Golf GT TDi and it does about 60 miles to the gallon (UK) or 50 mpg (US) in the city and does even better on the highway 76 mpg (UK) that 63 mpg (US). I presumed that modern cars did better but it would seem NOT… I am shocked, why are car less efficient today than they were 14 years ago?

  • Ariana

    Yeah no big deal! My Dodge Caliber gets 28city/32highway.

  • Dan

    These cars are so ugly and whimpy that make me sick.

  • inhumanetoaster

    Jeff, I think your math is off a bit…2010-1998 is 12. Just saying

  • Lucas Sidor

    this is freaking stpid. look up the VW Polo. It gets up to 75MPG and it is neither a hybrid, nor a gasoline powered car. it’s diesel.

  • Jeff

    My old 1998 mazda protege gets better gas mileage than a lot of these cars. Hello 32mph and 37mpg freeway. Please someone tell me that aside from a prius there is something more impressive made today that’s better than a 20 year old car! I would have thought that old protege would be a dinosaur in efficiency compared to today, but I’m far from impressed.

  • H Sheli

    You left out the Ford Fusion Hybrid !
    It is a mid-sized car that gets better mileage than half of the compacts and sub compacts you listed above.

  • Jason

    A fab post