2011 Lexus HS 250h

The 2011 Lexus HS250 is a hybrid car manufactured by Lexus which integrates technology with comfort. It has topnotch navigation technology and is easy to use. The navigation system has a screen which is correctly positioned, preventing eye strain and providing maximum visibility. The system of navigation can also be controlled with a voice. It has a capability for monitoring the available energy and the energy consumption. It monitors the car’s battery, electric motor and engine status. This car is also friendly to the environment. It emits a lesser amount of carbon dioxide by using a plant component in its materials.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Hybrid Sedan Base Price: $36,330.00
Fuel Tank Capacity: 14.5 gallons (55 liters) Miles Per Gallon: 35 city / 34 hwy
Length: 184.8 in. (469.5 cm) Width: 70.3 in. (178.5 cm)
Height: 59.3 in. (150.5 cm) Wheel Base: 106.3 in. (270 cm)
Curb Weight: 3682 lbs (1670 kg) Ground Clearance: 6.1 in. (15.5 cm)
Luggage Capacity: 12.1 cu ft Maximum Seating: 5 people
Engine: 16-valve DOHC inline-4 Displacement: 2.4-liter
Horsepower: 187 HP Max RPM: 6000 RPM
Engine Type: Hybrid Front high-output, permanent-magnet,electric-drive motor Transmission: ECVT
0-60 mph: 8.4 seconds Maximum Speed: 112 mph (180 km/h)
Available Trims & Engine
Option:HS 250h Premium MSRP: $39,100; MPG: 35 city / 34 hwy


The engine of the Lexus HS consists of the Atkinson cycle with a head and block made of aluminum. It has 2.4 liters of displacement. The valve train has an intelligent variable valve actuation and dual camshaft. The ratio of compression is 12.5 is to 1. The maximum actual horsepower is 187. The motor which is electrically driven has a magnet which is permanent and a motor which is electric in nature. The engine performs sufficiently which can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 8.4 seconds. Its maximum speed is 112 miles per hour which is restricted electronically.

The turning of the circle is 37.4 feet. The aerodynamics drag has a coefficient of 0.27. The economy of fuel is rated at 35 miles per gallon for city, 35 miles per gallon for highway and 35 miles per gallon for the combination of city and highway. The transmission is controlled by electronic means. The suspension in front and rear has a bar with stabilizer and absorbs shock by using gas pressure. The brakes which are electronically controlled have four detection sensors.

Exterior & Interior

The exterior is aerodynamically designed, allowing the car to move against the wind with ease. It also provides the car to move quietly. The headlamps are made of three light emitting diodes. These three light emitting diodes consume less energy and imitate the illumination of the normal light. The light emitting diode tail lamps also consume less energy and provide fast light illumination. The outer paint is constructed with superior luster and surface. The car is available in a total of 9 outer paint colors. The car can also be accessed electronically. The car is capable of key detection and can open the doors by touch.

It also employs RADAR technology. This technology reduces the speed of the car when it detects that the space between the car and the car in front of it is too small. The car is also employing the technology of sonar. This technology prevents the car from bumping into an obstruction by providing audible warning. The glass substance is capable of resisting water. It is also capable of reducing the absorption of infrared which greatly reduces the effect of heat inside and outside the car. The car’s interior is available in 7 colors. The interior of the car can also be controlled electronically by a push of a button. It can also be commanded by voice.


This car offers safety by providing airbags of 10 pieces. The body of the car is also constructed with sufficient reinforcement. The glass is wider which makes the view outside the car more visible. It can also detect and prevent the possibility of colliding with other vehicles.

Pros & Cons

The 2011 Lexus HS offers more advantages compared to other cars of the same class and the same price range. This car provides excellent fuel efficiency. It has navigation system, motor which is electrically driven and key detection capability which other vehicles do not provide.

It 187 horsepower at 6000 rpm with torque of 138 at 4400 revolution per minute. Although 2011 Lexus HS has low torque and horsepower, it is perfect in terms of safety and comfort.

The Competition

Other vehicles worth looking at are the Honda Civic Hybrid (MSRP $24,050; 44 city/ 44 hwy), Infiniti M Hybrid (MSRP $53,700; 27 city/ 32 hwy), and the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid (MSRP $34,645).

Overall Rating
79 out of 100

What others say:

“The 2011 Lexus HS 250h pairs nifty technology features with high mileage ratings, though it fails to provide impressive comfort or an engaging driving experience.”Car Connection

“Body lean is well controlled in fast turns. Steering feels somewhat dead and slow on-center and lacks road feel, but is light for good low-speed maneuverability.”Consumer Guide

“Comfortable, quiet cabin; user-friendly high-tech equipment; safety features; excellent build quality.”Edmunds

“Based on the Toyota Avensis, which is sold in markets outside the U.S., the HS hybrid is smaller than the Toyota Camry and uses the powertrain from the hybrid Camry. It comes with a lot of standard equipment and will have far more luxury features than the Camry hybrid or Prius. At low speeds the HS can propel itself solely on electric power.”MSN-ConsumerReports