Red Bentley

When you think of beautiful cars, you can't forget a red Bentley. Bentley cars were originally built for wealthy owners and royalty. Red burgundy is the color of luxury and seems to be the color choice of 2011. The magnificent, classy red color extends to the interior of the car, boasting a beautiful décor with lush re-trimmed customized red leather seats.

Bentleys have extra length and weight that gives it a magnificent combination of undiminished sporting performance and a luxurious feel. The Red Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible is a new sizzling series. It has an added touch of style, with vertical evacuation hood vents that ensure positive ventilation. The interior is spacious that makes it easy to get in and out.

Red Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible

Red Bentley Continental GT Diamond Series

Red Bentley Continental GT

Red Bentley Continental GT Mulliner

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