2010 Lumma Design BMW CLR X 650 M

Famous German tuning company Lumma Design just revealed its new tuning package – the 2010 Lumma Design BMW CLR X 650 M. Based on the 2010 BMW X6 M, the vehicle is completely reworked with a massive body kit, quad tailpipes, sporty interior and most importantly a boosted 670hp (493kW). It is a total transformation of the four-door sports coupe, but it retains the X6 M's aggressive stance.

The 2010 Lumma Design BMW CLR X 650 M has a new front spoiler, three air ducts plus LED daytime running lights; it also displays fender extenions, side skirts and rear panels with air panels with air ducts. As for the speed, the 2010 Lumma Design BMW CLR X 650 M is capable of 194mph (312 km/h). Compared to the standard BMW X6M, the 670hp is a 20 percent boost; the torque meanwhile had a 25 percent improvement as it peaks up to 850Nm.

5 responses to “2010 Lumma Design BMW CLR X 650 M”

  1. Nodi says:

    i like bmw cars.and x6 the sports and family car.the powerfull and luxury car.y u did’t like this should every body like this car.

  2. I like the fron view of it.

  3. Supercars says:

    Wow 😮 it’s one of the best looking BMW’s I have ever seen. Good job! 😉

  4. Mr.Corvette says:

    chevy isn’t gangsta. who told you that?

  5. Mr.Corvette says:

    how can you not like this??? looks gangsta