White Audi

Color choice in vehicles is a very personal choice, some people prefer their vehicle to stand out with bright colors like red, orange and yellow while others prefer the more ‘blend-in’ colors like white, silver and black. White has emerged as the most popular car color in recent times, as it dislodged 10-year winner ‘silver’ from the position of most popular car color. Black is not too far behind at third place.

When it comes to Audi, the scenario is pretty much similar, with silver, white and black dominating the color choices amongst its customers. The white color is available as basic solid color and also as metallic color with pearl effect. The shades of white for the 2012 Audi models include Ibis white (solid color) and Glacier white metallic (with pearl effect). While Silver-Grey color group has been most popular for Audi historically, but off-late white and black have emerged as major contenders.

White Audi TT Coup /Standaufnahme
Audi R8 GT/Fahraufnahme
Audi quattro concept/Standaufnahme
Audi A5 Cabriolet/Standaufnahme

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