Purple Audi

The Audi is one of the most sleek and sophisticated luxury cars on the market. The purple Audi is especially spectacular and has a very regal and elegant feel to it. It’s color is rich and dense, it resembles the deepest and richest color of a purple grape. Driving a purple Audi would undeniably have you catching the eyes of people on the street and in other cars. Due to the fact that purple is not a traditional color that is often seen on automobiles it is rare and eye-catching enough to elicit attention. That coupled with the dynamic and sleek design on the Audi itself will definitely have you making a huge impression amongst your friends, family and even strangers. The purple audi is simply sensational to look at and even better to drive.

Purple 2009 MTM Audi R8
Purple Audi TT RS Roadster/Standaufnahme
Purple Audi TT
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