Most Exotic Cars & Car Makers in the World: Top 10 List

What is an exotic car? It is rare, a work of art, a collectible. An exotic car is one that is extremely unique. It may perform at a high level compared to contemporary sports cars. To drive one of these would change your view of how cars should be made.

The following is a list of exotic cars & its manufacturers. Exotics often begin with a vision in mind, it comes from dreams, with intent and purpose, and swagger. That is what an exotic car is, when someone puts to reality a vision.

1. Ferrari - the spirit of Ferrari began with Enzo Ferrari who was an advent racer. The foundation of Ferrari marked the start of a burst of a frenetic sporting activity. This spurred the creation of powerful, exotic cars that are characteristic of Ferrari today. Because the visions behind Ferrari were one of the first innovators of exotic supercars, it deserves #1 for Best Exotic Car Maker.
Pictures Above: Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari 599 GTB, Ferrari California, Ferrari 459 Italia, Ferrari 550 Barchetta Pininfarina, Ferrari F430

2. Lamborghini - the founder of Lamborghini made his name building farm equipment. He owned a Ferrari but noticed that he had to keep replacing the clutch. To his surprise, his own farm equipment clutches were better replacements. Thus, the beginning of the rivalry between Ferrari and Lamborghini was born. The spirit of competition spurred continual innovation over the years, bringing ever-improved exotic cars every year. However, the power of the original idea belongs to Ferrari. As #2, Lamborghini is only behind Ferrari in the popularity of its innovations.
Pictures Above: Lamborghini Reventon, Lamborghini Furia, Lamborghini Gallardo, Lamborghini Murcielago

3. Bugatti - a 21st century “harmony of design and technology.” The heritage of Ettore Bugatti is the heart of impressive technical design and exterior beauty. This can be seen in Bugatti’s signature supercar, the exotic Veyron. Ettore Bugatti sometimes made technical compromises for the sake of aesthetic integrity. This is a very gutsy vision of exotic cars, one which can only belong to the #3 contender.
Pictures Above: Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport

4. Pagani - Horacio Pagani originally teamed up with Lamborghini, doing composite research for them in 1988. The company was called “Pagani Composite Research.” In the late ‘80s Pagani wanted to start building his own car, which was coded as the “C8 Project.” The C8 would later be named the Fangio F1 in commemoration of the F1 champion, Juan Manuel Fangio. For its amazing designs, Pagani is the #4 Most Exotic Car Maker.
Pictures Above: Pagani Huayra, Pagani Zonda, Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster, Pagani Zonda Roadster

5. Aston Martin - Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford found Aston Martin together in 1913. They had been in Callow Street, London selling cars made by Singer under the company name “Bamford & Martin.” After Martin raced cars at Aston Hill, the pair decided to start making their own cars. With Aston Martin’s eye-opening cars, it would be the #5 Most Exotic Car Maker.
Pictures Above: Aston Martin DB9 Volante, Aston Martin DBS, Aston Martin V12 Zagato Race, Aston Martin V8 Vantage

6. Mclaren - The Mclaren heritage rests upon the legendary soul of Bruce Mclaren, who was born in New Zealand in 1937 and passed away in 1970 while testing one of his cars. A sickly child with Perthes Disease, Bruce Mclaren went on to become a world class international motor racing driver, engineer and designer whose name is still used in Formula 1 motor racing today. Bruce’s success in the international racing scene was all about team work, and even today his contributions are remembered. His spirit is reflected in the exotic cars of Mclaren, which is the #6 Exotic Car Maker.
Pictures Above: McLaren F1, McLaren MP4-12C

7. Bentley - after a stint of making airplane engines in WWI, Bentley went on to make exotic cars. This venture was short-lived as Bentley was bought out by Rolls-Royce from 1930 to 1982. It was slowly revived as Volkswagen bought Rolls-Royce and Bentley in 1998. VW invested nearly one-billion dollars to get Bentley up and running again. From 2006 onwards Bentley became bent on producing ever-faster exotic sedans. For its strong spirit of endurance, Bentley is tied for #7.
Pictures Above: Bentley Continental GTC, Bentley Azure T, Bentley Arnage, Bentley Continental Flying Spur

7. Rolls-Royce -
the name derives from the surnames of the company founders, Charles Rolls and Henry Royce. With a strong global engineering operation, Rolls-Royce maintains a vision of setting new standards and creating the “best car in the world.” With a strong heritage and work ethic, Rolls-Royce is tied for the #7 Most Exotic Car Maker in the world.
Pictures Above: Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Rolls-Royce Ghost

8. Maybach - Maybach holds a track record of manufacturing military engines. However it did not see light after WWII. In 2003 the sleeping beauty awoke with a new line of exotic cars, including the 57 and 62. With its luxurious cars, Maybach sits at #8.
Pictures Above: Maybach Exelero, Maybach 62, Maybach 57

9. Shelby SuperCars (SSC) -
the vision of founder Jerod Shelby was to produce the perfect car. Growing up as a kart racer, his dream began at an early age and never ceased. Shelby not only wished to participate in the market but also to excel and redefine it. He learned that the key to winning was in the smaller details which fabricated a complete larger image. SSC gets #9 for Most Exotic Car Maker.
Pictures Above: SSC Ultimate Aero

10. Koenigsegg - this Swede exotic supercar maker thrived on the dream of Christian von Koenigsegg to make the perfect supercar. The company is rather young compared to other exotic car makers, having only launched in 1993. Its staff consists of a dedicated group of enthusiasts who had connections to the Swedish car industry and the universities. Koenigsegg is the #10 Most Exotic Car Maker.
Pictures Above: Koenigsegg CCX, Koenigsegg CCR, Koenigsegg Agera

  • dou stanton

    the fact that lamborghini share parts with audi mean that ferrari deserve to be above them, but maybach? if maybachs had been any good maybe they wouldnt have been killed off.

  • Bill

    1. Porsche GT2 RS
    2. Porsche GT3 RS
    3. Doesn’t matter anymore

  • Eastwood

    I like the blue cars best.

  • What about Chevrolet and Porsche! Both are way better than Maybach, Rolls-Royce, Bentley and many others!

    • raumaan

      chevy cant beat bently. bentlys are more 1m is faster than porshe cayman

    • Tmoja

      Chevrolet is not exotic all of these cars will beat chevrolet

    • Bukwheat

      Go back and look at some of the stats (and price tags) on these truly exotic treasures. While these production cars like ‘Vettes and Porsches are nice machines, they are hardly in the same league as the exotic treasures on the list. Still, I am not quite sure why the family sedans are on the list. I can’t define them as exotic.

  • raumaan

    I agree with wrongwrongwrong . ferraris have gone in quality since enzo ferrari died. ferrari enzo is the best modern ferrari. ferraris are getting more messed like in the 1970s. Ferrari were the best in 1950 -1970. Pagani make epic cars and they r not messed up. mclaren is great as well as in the 1990s mclaren f1 was the fastest.
    Koenigsegg has made really good cars like the agera r.
    this what the list should be like






    8roll royce and bently

    9aston martin

    • Hi

      I also agree with you, but SSC beats Bugatti. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Top Speed: 263 MPH. SSC Ultimate Aero Top Speed: 273 MPH. SSC Tuatara Top Speed: 277 MPH.

      • Ummm..ok


        You are incorrect Hi. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport has a top speed of 268, a speed it can maintain for 12 minutes before it burns every drop of fuel it’s tank will hold (26 gal) if starting with a full tank(this is counting the time it takes to achieve its top speed under hard accel). The SSC Ultimate Aero has a top speed of 257. Putting it at 4th place behind the Venom@273, the Veyron@268, and the Koenigsegg Agera R at 260. The fastest car in the world for 2014 is the Hennessy Venom GT with a top speed of 273. Before you start the production/concept argument the Hennessy IS categorized as a production car. Citation – The Supercars. org’s list for the fastest cars in the world for 2014-15. As for your Tuatara, 276 is it’s ESTIMATED top speed which compromises the validity of that statement as no one knows for sure yet. Check your stats before you go trying to correct other people. It’s one thing for people to think you are ignorant, it’s a whole other thing to open your mouth and prove them right.

  • Awesome Cars List! Love them All! Bentley is not for me though!

  • Melli


  • SEYI

    Maybach & Bently comes in style

  • Me

    y is maybach, rr, an bentley on da list?

  • wrongwrongwrong

    And faster to…..

  • wrongwrongwrong

    This list is all wrong Pagani,Mclaren,and Koenigsegg should be hire up on this list. Pagani is way better then Ferrari

  • this pagani has to have the mirrors trimmed down a bit because of kids who hate expensive cars with no insurance. they’ll take you driving protection away from you safe driving techniques. using your mirros for defensive driving skills. they’ll take and steal your mirrors away. can you shorten down the mirrors to be kid safe.

    • Here is the great moment to write to you to all guys who inspires the super car technology.
      I take this moment to salute to ITALY, for its ever beaten records of genius engineers who puts lots of effort to let this creativity ever lasting.
      Your friend
      Dar es Salaam
      East Africa

    • japosey

      You’re right the Pagani’s side view mirrors could be a real temptation to mean spirited vandals. Perhaps Pagani could design side view mirrors which would telescope out of the fenders when the car is started and retract when the car is shut down.

  • I think lamborghini is better than ferarri. cause all of lamborghini car has a extreme theme for the car. and about the ferarri all ferarri car is have a simple theme. i like lamborghini cause i have a reventon and aventador in my house.

  • stiggy

    pagani at top ferrari at 4th

  • Melli

    Buggati is #1 in speed. But the thing is they are all diff. Categories. Rolls Royce is luxury. Bugatti, Ferrari, Zonda, they’re all super cars.. But if you ask me, Bugatti is #1 supercar. Then Zonda.. Then Agera.. Then Lamborghini.. Then Ferrari.. Then mclaren… Then a DBS.. Then maybach.. Then Rolls Royce.. Then Shelby.. Then Bentley. But DBS will always be my favorite…….. What really interests my is a Saab supercar.

  • Mawande

    Lamborghini murcielago the king of lamborghini I like that car and I think they should modifie its interior because it looks like a race car & one day Bugatti will be behind this exotic car murcielago the one & only beautiful car in the world

  • Lambo-1 Porsche-2 Pagani-3 Konigsegg-4 Bugatti-5
    Aston Martin-6 Bentley-7 Audi-8 Ferrari-9 Lotus-10

  • Kobe Gabster

    Right about Ferrari number one Bugatti should be 10 they suck maybe they are the fastest production car in the world but they suck

    • What r u thinking

      First of all the Bugatti veyron 16.4 super sport is the fastest production car in the world. They can go 0-60 in 2.3 seconds and have a top speed of 257 mph and can stop from that speed in 10 seconds. Can ur Lamborghini merceago do that?? I don’t think so. Also the are extremely confertable I use mine as a daily driver. I have owned a lambo and frankly they handle like a big boat and eccelerate about as well. Bugatti is #1

  • mohit

    pagani is best, N Pagani Zonda C12 F is the best looking super car around the globe!..

  • anas

    i think they were right when they wrote the ferrari as no.1 in this list also as u can c italian cars RULE!!!!!

    • fyl

      Where is my Lotus Evora?