2010 Volvo Air Motion Concept Design

Let’s face it, nearly everybody in the world is affected by the price of fuel and this has affected our lifestyle. But with the Volvo Air Motion Canyon Carver, gasoline is history. That’s right, this is a vehicle that uses no gasoline at all but still considered to be a fast car. This car uses air to run.

Its exterior is designed like a clamshell; a body made from carbon fiber and can hold up to four people. The normally heavy conventional internal engine is replaced by compressed air motors. Theses motors cool down instead of heating up when it is under load, making heavy cooling systems unnecessary for the vehicle, thus making it lighter. Instead of gasoline stations, the mounted air tank of the vehicle is filled with compressed air using “Air Replenishment Sites”; these sites are outfitted with a wind-power air turbines suspended one-thousand feet in the air. This car makes people say goodbye to gasoline, gasoline-powered cars and/or vehicles, and although this doesn’t eliminate the need for gasoline completely, it eliminates one of the machines that need it the most.