2013 Volkswagen e-Co-Motion Concept

The world seems to be getting smaller because its population is expanding rapidly, leaving less space for everyone. People are causing an increase in demand for goods and services, and this leads to finding efficient ways of delivering “the goods.”

Delivery vehicles are being operated using the same space, leading emissions to become a serious concern. This is why the 2013 Volkswagen e-Co-motion Concept electric delivery van was created.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Electric Van Est. Market Price: NA
Battery: 20kW Range: 100 km
Horsepower: 114 HP Torque: 200 lb-ft

The people at Volkswagen had a specific goal in mind when they were designing this vehicle: to create a highly maneuverable van with a drive system that is powered by electricity alone. The seat is placed high up, with strategically positioned windows, to allow the driver to better see around in the midst of congested traffic.

This van is easy to enter and exit, while allowing fast access to the rest of the interior.

Unlike other vans, the e-Co-motion Concept is a breeze to maneuver in minimal space. The electric driving unit is attached to the rear axle, making tight corners and sharp turns manageable.
While electric drive units are intended to save energy (and hence save money), this van can still go 75 mph, allowing it to be driven in high-speed areas for longer distance deliveries. A battery that can store 40kWh gives you a maximum range of 124 miles of drive.


Not only is it ideal for deliveries, this vehicle is a great portable workspace. The interior is clean and well designed, giving enough room for business needs. Drivers will have no trouble either, since the controls are thoughtfully laid out. They can get in, strap in and head out to the next destination, or delivery.

For a compact and spacious electric van that can handle the bustle of a big city, the Volkswagen e-Co-motion Concept is an ideal solution, allowing you to hit the long stretches of road at a reasonable speed.