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The Volvo XC (Cross Country) is the four-wheel drive variant in the V70 series of mid-size, five-door station wagons produced by Volvo Cars since 1996. Its sisters in the series included the three saloons S70, S60 and S80.The V70 series has underwent through three generations with the more pronounced changes occurring in the second iteration with the inclusion of design ideas from British designer Peter Horbury. The new Horbury car designs departed from the boxy shape of Volvos which began to take on a more curvy profile.

Built on the Volvo P2 platform, the all-wheel drive Volvo XC (Cross Country) had a major upgrade on its suspension in its second generation and was provided with 8.2″ minimum ground clearance. Aside from the raised suspension, fuel capacity was also increased to 70 liters. Other Volvo XC (Cross Country) features included an interior grab handle and plastic body cladding. Characteristic of other Volvos, the XC sports daytime running lights for improved driver visibility and safety.

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