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The Volkswagen Touareg is the German auto maker’s initial foray in the four-wheel drive sport utility mainstream market. Touareg has two engines with over eight cylinders, an intelligent crash response system, six-speed automatic transmission that redounds to cost savings in fuel and less carbon emissions, the sophisticated 4Motion permanent all-wheel drive system, air suspension package, and other features & amenities packed within spacious interiors.

The Touareg is actually the outcome of joint collaboration between Volkswagen and Porsche. In fact, it is similar in design to one of the latter’s well-known models. Slovakia is where the Touareg was born. In 2003, Volkswagen Touareg won recognition as “Best Luxury SUV” and a year after, “Sport/Utility Vehicle of the Year” by prestigious motoring publications.

The Touareg underwent several enhancements and was packed with updated parts. An ABS system and adaptive cruise control system were incorporated in 2006. To date, there’s the Volkswagen Touareg 2, which comes with several exterior features including alloy wheels, silver roof rails and power liftgate, and interior add-ons like satellite radio and heatable front seats.

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