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The Volkswagen Thing is an attention-grabbing car, especially for automobile enthusiasts with a penchant for old vehicles which bring with them a piece of history and which can be restored or customized. The Thing was an updated version of the Kubelwagen wartime jeep that German soldiers used during World War II. In 1969, the slightly modified form called “Kubelwagen Model 181” was created in 1969, which was then sold to the Americans as the Thing.

Literally meaning “bucket wagon,” the Thing became known by other names in other countries. The compact military vehicle was fashioned after Volkswagen’s Beetle Type 1.. The car’s features of the car had marked variations from one country to another. In Europe, it became known as VW 181 and utilized for off-road applications. The UK market had a right-hand version called the Trekker. All versions do carry the Volkswagen performance features and “people’s car” character. The Volkswagen Thing had been used in countless movies.

Est. Price Range for Used Volkswagen Thing: $20,000-$40,000
Est. MPG for Volkswagen Thing: 22 City/33 Hwy
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