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Volkswagen’s auto-making heritage is long and eventful. Part of it is the creation and transformation of a speedy and fun to drive car: the Volkswagen Rabbit. One of the products of Volkswagen’s relationship with Audi, the Rabbit is a compact vehicle which originally arrived in 1974 in the European marketplace as the sensibly engineered VW Golf. In the US, the Rabbit was the premier Volkswagen created which reaped satisfactory sales. Interestingly, the square headlights of the Americans turned out to be of better quality than the German counterparts.

Later years saw the Rabbit turning back into the Golf, but in 2006, to cater to the increasing market of young consumers, Volkswagen changed the Golf back into the Rabbit. Several transformations afterwards, you now have the 2009 version which is a highly functional and elegant-looking family coupe that can seat five passengers. The 2009 Rabbit is powered by a 2.5 liter in-line front engine that makes 170 horsepower. The hatchback comes in two-door or four-door versions. Standard features & amenities include velour trim, satellite radio, and heated seats, among others. Modern safety features include anti-lock brakes, stability and traction control, and multiple airbags.

Esti. Price Range for Used Volkswagen Rabbit: $4,000-$20,000
Est. MPG for Volkswagen Rabbit: 21 City/29 Hwy
Available Trims: base, S
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