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A mid-sized family sedan with ride quality is a highly functional vehicle. Into this mold falls the Volkswagen Passat. Created in various forms since 1973, the VW Passat delivers great and reliable performance. The Passat is a cross between the Golf and Jetta and Phaeton models. Timing of the market launch of the Passat was just right. In 1973, Beetle sales was dwindling. The Volkswagen company had acquired Audi nine years earlier and hence, was able to draw on engineering acumen to create a front wheel drive vehicle with water cooled engine.

Passat versions encompassed several generations. From headlights to overall experience, many changes evolved as the years rolled by. The styles launched in 1988 until 1990 had a curvy look, deviating from the boxy appearance of the earlier models. The four-door coupe called Volkswagen Passat CC which was launched in early 2008 features self-steering bi-Xenon headlamps on VR6, and offers a superb and smooth German ride.

Estimated Price Range for Used Volkswagen Passat: $1,000-$9,000
Estimated MPG for Volkswagen Passat: 23 City/34 Hwy
Available Trims: GLX, GLS
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