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Nice build, quality, and well-defined lines characterize the Volkswagen Golf. The original 1976 Volkswagen Golf Mk1’s winning formula rested on its punchy engine, solid suspension, and some other sporty additions. Sensible engineering went into the Volkswagen Golf. Its crisp & cool style was rendered by Italian designer Giugiaro. The VW Golf Mk1 delivered reliable and strong performance and ran at 112 miles per hour. It also had subtle striping and alloy wheels. The Volkswagen Golf Mk2 likewise stood out with its red-lined bumpers, subtle GTI badging, and striped upholstery. Powered by a 1.8 liter engine with twin-cam 16-valve head, the car inspired respect and suited young professional’s image back then.

Volkswagen Golf is also noted for its striking radiator grille and elegantly shaped headlights. The handsomely trimmed interiors have a classy look, which is underscored by perfect climate control. The new-generation model looks athletic and is eco-friendly, too, from the production process to actual use. Modern drivers are bound to be impressed with it.

Estimated Price Range for Used Volkswagen Golf: $2,000-$29,000
Estimated MPG for Volkswagen Golf: 23 City/33 Hwy
Available Trims: 2.5L, GL, GLS, TDI
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