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The Volkswagen Cabrio is a solid and reliable convertible It is an enhanced version of the Cabriolet based on the Rabbit and the front drive VW Golf hatchback and Jetta sedans. It has a great chassis and offer riders a comfortably smooth ride, whether it’s in the city or dirt road. Car buffs have noted that it can use some improvement in horsepower, though. The standard unit makes 115 horsepower.

A car that will definitely appeal to people who want a simply uncluttered appearance and useful facilities, the Cabrio comes across as a remarkably composed & desirable vehicle. It is equipped with standard safety & security features, including four-wheel ABS brakes and theft-deterrent device. The control buttons for the entertainment devices (like music) and features like headlights and air conditioning are stylishly simple. Plush interiors include sporty seating amenities. The Cabrio marked its launch in 1980. It is powered by a 2.0 liter engine and has five-speed manual transmission. In 1997, seven spoke alloy wheels and environmentally-friendly air conditioning were incorporated among other changes.

Estimated Price Range for Used Volkswagen Cabrio: $2,000-$11,000
Estimated MPG for Volkswagen Cabrio: 20 City/28 Hwy
Available Trims: GLX, GLS, GL
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