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The Type 2 Volkswagen Bus is a minivan that was utilized as a postwar vehicle. It is the predecessor of the highly popular family van called the Kombi (later on spelled “Combi”). While the 1950 VW Type 2 bus was windowless, the Kombi was an improved version with windows and optional rear seats, making it more suited for transporting people and cargo. The next enhanced vehicle was the Microbus, which had better specifications and features.

One may regard the Type 2 Volkswagen Bus as a huge boxy body on a Beetle chassis. It utilized the Beetle’s air-cooled, rear-mounted four-cylinder engine. Though not that powerful performance-wise,the immense popularity of the Volkswagen Type 2 van made it fit to be classified as an icon of the 1950s and 1960s era. Carmakers from America and Europe have replicated it. It’s been featured in films, and is a vehicle that some restorers or auto connoisseurs love to customize.

Estimated Price Range for Used Volkswagen Bus: $1,000-$68,000
Estimated MPG for Volkswagen Bus: avg 25
Available Trims: base Bus
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