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The Volkswagen Beetle-Classic, a small reliable car for a typical family, was produced during the pre-war era. It was originally called Volkswagen Type 1, Kafer in German, but lovingly called Beetle by everyone else. It was the answer to Adolf Hitler’s decree for a mass-based car, with Ferdinance Porsche as designer. After the war, British army officer Major Ivan Hirst was tasked to assume control of the heavily shelled factory, and was instrumental in the British military’s purchase of 20,000 Beetle units. More car units rolled off the Volkswagen assembly lines in the succeeding years. The postwar Beetle still incorporated the Berlin-built Kübelwagen chassis fitted into its sedan bodywork.

There have been so many variations done on the postwar Beetle. People who watched “Herbie the Love Bug” movie were delighted with the 1963 Volkswagen Beetle deluxe sedan. The classic Volkswagen Beetle of the 1970s and earlier models, if they may still be found, are nowadays beautifully restored and showcased to avid car enthusiasts in international motor shows. With the arrival in the marketplace in 1998 of the new Beetle, Volkswagen car aficionados’ hearts have excitedly been thumping again.

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