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The Triumph Spitfire was a masterpiece, and it was manufactured and produced by the now defunct car company Triumph Motors. It was a two-seat sports car of British style and elegance introduced last 1962. It has several models from the Mark I up to the Mark IV model and the Spitfire 1500 model. It sold hundreds of units worldwide and since the 1980s it has been one of the most sought out sports cars of car collectors and patrons.

It has a manual transmission with the additional “overdrive” option since the 1964 model. It has numerous inline 4 lowest engine models from the 1147cc up to the highest 1493 cc. Car enthusiasts situated in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and other parts of the world still seek out these Spitfire models of Triumph in order to be able to satisfy their car needs, tastes and preferences as of date.

Estimated Price Range for Used Triumph Spitfire: $2,500-$5,000
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