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Toyota Tercel The Toyota Tercel is another car model manufactured and produced by the world famous automobile company Toyota. It was introduced in the automobile industry dating as far as 1978 up to 1999. It has five generations coupled with five different body configurations. It was initially manufactured in Japan. It shares its automobile platform with the Cynos and Starlet models. It was also market in various countries as the Corolla II model. Today, it is still being sold at different Toyota dealerships that are dedicated particularly to core modeled automobiles.

Approximate Price Range for Used Toyota Tercel: $500-$2500
Estimated MPG for New Toyota Tercel: 31 City/35 Hwy
Available Trims: EZ, DX, SR5, CE
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The first model was introduced in Japan during 1978 and in the United States during 1980. It was given the name of “Corolla Tercel” because of its similarity with the Corolla model’s quality and durability. The second generation of the Toyota Tercel was manufactured and produced during 1983 up to 1986. By then, Toyota gave the Tercel model independency from the Corolla series. Tercel underwent huge changes during this generation.

The third generation came out during 1987 up to 1990. The fourth generation came out during 1991 up to 1994. The fifth and current generation came out at 1995 up to 1999. The Toyota Tercel underwent a complete overhaul, sliding away from the 1st and 2nd generation models. It is one of the best selling car models that Toyota has offered in its long history in the automobile industry.

Toyota Tercel Overview

Toyota Tercel Original Commercial

1993 Toyota Tercel Commercial

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