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Toyota FJ CruiserThe Toyota FJ Cruiser is a one of a kind SUV manufactured and produced by Toyota. It was introduced in the year 2003 at the Chicago Auto Show as a brand new concept in the series of SUVs. In the year 2006, it finally went on sale as an early model for the year 2007. It is similar to the original Toyota Land Cruisers from the 1960 for its retro-style, especially the front fascia together with the wrap around its rear windows. The main difference between the Toyota FJ Cruiser and the Land Cruiser model is that former is more compact in size.

The Toyota FJ Cruiser was initially not meant to be produced when it first made its appearance as a concept. It was due to consistent consumer demand that prompted Toyota to begin producing it especially since its appearance in the North American International Auto Show. The production began at the early onset of 2006 and as of the latest, all of the Toyota FJ Cruiser vehicles are built by Hino Motors in the country of Japan.

Base MSRP for New Toyota FJ Cruiser: $27,030
Estimated MPG for New Toyota FJ Cruiser: 17 City/22 Hwy
Available Trims: 4×2 AT, 4×4 MT, 4×4 AT

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The Toyota FJ Cruiser uses the same engine used in other Toyota cars such as Tacoma and 4Runner. It is available in both automatic and manual transmission coupled with a 4WD or four wheel drive capability. It has a simpler 4WD than other models and can operate on both off and on road even on slippery surfaces. It also has Anti-lock Braking system or ABS that comes with an Electronic Brake-Force Distribution or EBD. Today, it has undergone additional revisions from its early 2007 and 2008 models, making it a car that every car enthusiast must have.

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