Used Toyota Celica

Toyota Celica The Toyota Celica is another one of the best selling sports cars developed and produced by the famous car company Toyota Motors. Its production began way back in 1976 and the latest in its production line was its 2006 release. It is a vehicle powered by the all powerful four cylinder engines. The initial models featured a rear wheel drive but ever since the 1986 release, it has been converted into a front wheel one. The Celica was available in different forms, namely as a notchback, as a lifeback and as a convertible.

The Toyota Celica already has seven generations since its 1st release. It has been distributed in Japan, Europe, Asia and the United States, mostly in North America. It features a power engine in the form of four cylinder types and a luxurious interior. Toyota also boasts of its durability and fuel saving features. It has undergone much necessary technological advancement in its style, engine and chassis making it a car that every automobile enthusiast may want to own.

Price Range for Used Toyota Celica: $4000-16000 depending on condition & year
Estimated MPG for Toyota Celica: 21 City/25 Hwy
Available Trims: GT, GTS, ST

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