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One of the most famous and best selling Sports Utility Vehicles or SUVs manufactured by the popular car company Toyota is the Toyota 4Runner. It was enunciated in the year 1984 and has been revised and remodeled up to the present. Toyota 4Runner V8 Limited 4WD in Silver It was originally unveiled as a compact SUV with a fiberglass shell but it has undergone huge and significant changes in between a medium size and large size SUV. These Toyota 4Runner vehicles were all made in Toyota’s plants in either Japan or Brazil. The latest information is that it will be redesigned as a 2010 car model during the later part of 2009.

Base MSRP for New Toyota 4Runner: $31,490
Estimated MPG for New Toyota 4Runner: 17 City/23 Hwy
Available Trims: SR5, Trail, Limited

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The 1st Generation of the Toyota 4Runner was released during the year 1984 up to 1989. In this period, medium sized SUVs were being released by most car companies prompting Toyota to release this model. The Toyota 4Runner was thus born, being largely built on the base of the Toyota Pickup. It was first released with only two seats, making it more of a truck than a SUV but the later models came out with additional seats making it more SUV-like.

The 2nd Generation of the Toyota 4Runner was released during the year 1990 up to 1995. Instead of the 1st Generation pick-up style, these 2nd Generation 4Runners had a newly designed body and an innovated body frame. Most of these 2nd Generation models came out with four doors, unlike the 1st generation pick-up style with only two doors.

The 3rd Generation of the Toyota 4Runner came out during 1996 up to 2002. The year 1996 marked a very significant and fruitful year for the redesign of the already old 4Runner. The 3rd Generation model turned out to be more of a luxurious type of vehicle than the other generation models.
The 4th Generation model of the Toyota 4Runner came out in 2003 and is currently the model for the modern 4Runner as of today. It is the most sold out model among all of its generations. It is currently one of the best selling SUVs available on the market today.

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