Used Studebaker Cars

Studebaker LogoFrom wheelbarrows for mining to military wagons to electric cars – these were the main businesses ventured into by the Studebaker brothers – Clem, Henry, J.M., Peter and Jacob.

Studebaker introduced an electric car in 1902, which was followed by the gasoline-powered Studebakers in 1904, which were marketed under the name Studebaker-Garford. Seven years later, Studebaker decided to merge with the Everitt-Metzker-Flanders Company of Detroit to form the Studebaker Corporation. Automobiles under the EMF and Flanders names were sold until 1913. Studebaker introduced the first gasoline powered automobiles in 1913. Production of wagons continued until1920.

In 1927, Studebaker introduced a small car designed for the European market, and purchased luxury automaker Pierce-Arrow. Tough times followed, yet the company survived.

Studebaker and Packard merged in 1954, a time when all the American “independent” car companies were on the brink of decline, and some of the top car makers were having a price war. Studebaker Corporation eventually bid adieu to the automobile business in 1966.