Used Smart Cars

Smart LogoCompact and fuel-efficient cars were in the drawing boards back in 1972. Johann Tomforde, project leader for future transportation systems at Mercedes-Benz, devised a two-seater urban vehicle that would be 2.5 meters long. In 1981, such a project gained ground and in 1990, the Vision A 93 prototype leading to the Mercedes A Class; and the Mercedes City Car, an electric otherwise known as the Micro Compact Car (MCC) measuring 2.5 meters, were born.

In time, a company called Smart, a joint venture between Daimler-Benz and Swiss watchmaker Swatch, was formed. The year 1993 was a milestone for it ushered the creation of the Micro Compact Car. With Mercedes Benz providing engineering expertise and build quality and Swatch the unique design philosophy, it was an unbeatable tandem. It resulted to the two-passenger Smart City-Coupe, a vehicle that was ideal for the European urban environment. It could park perpendicular in a parallel-parking spot.

More innovations followed and in recent years, new-generation compact cars that are not only fuel efficient but fun to drive too evolved and stand out from the pack.