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The Porsche 928 is one of the most expensive market entries of Porsche AG of Germany during the car’s heydays from model years 1978 to 1979. This car is a rear-wheel drive grand tourer sporting a front-mounted water-cooled and large V8 engine.

Its original iteration for the North American market had a 4.5L displacement and featured a single overhead camshaft design, capable of producing 219 hp (163 kW/222 PS). Porsche upgraded the engine in 1980 for US models from mechanical to electronic fuel injection, even as power output stayed the same.

This design signaled a major shift in direction for Porsche (started with the introduction of the 924 in 1976), whose earlier cars were only equipped with four or six cylinder rear- or mid-mounted air-cooled flat engines. One car variant, the Porsche 928S earned the distinction of the fastest car sold in the North America in 183, capable of 146 mph through its five-speed manual transmission and 4.7L-16v M28/19 engine.

Estimated Price Range for Used Porsche 928: $3,000-$10,000
Estimated MPG for Porsche 928: 11 City/18 Hwy
Available Trims: Base, S
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