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The Porsche 912 is the entry-level sports car of Porsche AG. Manufactured between 1965 and 1969, the 912 is a compact nimble-handling, four-seat vehicle. It is powered by a 90 SAE hp engine at 5800 rpm.

In terms of fuel economy, the 912 is capable of 30 miles per US gallon (7.8 L/100 km; 36 mpg-imp). This high performance and fuel economy was made possible because of the Porsche 912’s highly efficient petrol engine, low drag and low weight. Although the 912 is just a variant of the Porsche 911, it initially outsold the 911.

The model reappeared as the 912E in 1976, but only in the North American market, to fill the Porsche entry-level marquee with the discontinuation of the 914 and as the official replacement 914 is still being finalized for production. The Porsche 912E draws its power from a 2.0L version of the Volkswagen Beetle air-cooled engine.

Estimated Price Range for Used Porsche 912: $13,000-$25,000
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