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The Porsche 911 was introduced in autumn 1963 and remains in production today. This sports car came in fifth in the 1999 international survey for the Car of the Century, after the Ford Model T, the Mini, the Citroen DS and the Volkswagen, all of which are no longer in production.

The 911 is rear-engined and air-cooled like the Volkswagen Beetle where it was based on. Despite the continuing innovation in the car since its introduction, the concept of the 911 remained unchanged in its entire evolution.

The 911 is notable for its victories in racing, rallying and other auto competitions for which the car model was modified as entries by private teams and Porsche AG itself. The major world championship sports car races the 911 has won include Daytona, Targa Florio, Sebring or Nürburgring. The original Porsche 911 classic edition sported a 130 PS (96 kW, 128 hp) flat-6 engine. It had four seats but those at the rear were very small, and thus, the car is usually referred to as a 2+2 not a four-seater.

Estimated Price Range for Used Porsche 911: $7,000-$14,000
Estimated MPG for Porsche 911: 14 City/21 Hwy
Available Trims: Base, SC
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