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The Porsche 356 is the first production car to have rolled out of the assembly lines of the German automaker Porsche SE. Lightweight, the 356 started production in 1948 and was designed as rear-wheel drive, rear-engine sports car. It became available in convertible and hardtop variants.

The Porsche 356 remained in production until April 1965, resulting in total production of 76,000 units, an estimated half of which are still in service today. The continuing innovation in design that had been heaped into the 356 accounts for the car’s durability and popularity.

The car’s suspension, chassis and engine were initially based on another popular German car, the Volkswagen Beetle (Porsche SE has a majority stake in Volkswagen AG) to save on production costs. Eventually, however, the 365 was reengineered and refined for better performance, and by the late 1950s the 365 shared only a few parts with Volkswagen. A new generation of Porsche 356 will reportedly be manufactured in 2013.

Estimated Price Range for Used Porsche 356: $17,000-$285,000
Available Trims: Base, Super
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