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From 1961, the Pontiac division of General Motors manufactured a line of compact and intermediate-sized cars branded as Pontiac LeMans. The Pontiac Le Mans was produced annually for 20 years until 1981, when it was discontinued and replaced by a smaller Pontiac Bonneville. For 5 years, from 1988 until 1993 Daewoo manufactured a car branded as Daewoo LeMans. The first Le Mans cars were introduced as an upgraded, high-class version of the Pontiac Tempest. Known then as the Temptest LeMans, the vehicle was built on a new Y platform by GM, and featured a more luxurious and sportier Tempest. A convertible model was introduced a year later, running on an I4 4bbl carbureted engine. There was no available four-door sedan or station wagon body styles for the LeMans, unlike its predecessor. The following year, the LeMans became its own model to be used only as a brand for convertibles and coupes. As with all GM cars, the LeMans was also redesigned to be downsized in the late 1970s in response to the ongoing oil crisis. The LeMans lost over 600 pounds of its weight with this redesign. After 1982, when the LeMans brand was dropped, it was rebranded as a mid-sized Bonneville.

In 1986, South Korean carmaker used the LeMans brand and produced the subcompact Daewoo LeMans until 1994. Two models were available for the Daewoo LeMans a 2-door coupe and a four-door sedan.

Estimated Price Range for Used Pontiac LeMans: $1,400-$50,000
Estimated MPG for Pontiac LeMans: 23 City/29 Hwy
Available Trims: Base, SE, LE, Sport
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