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When the Pontiac division of General Motors rolled out the first Pontiac Grand Ams, they produced a mid-size car. The name is a combination of what the car is supposed to signify grand prix luxury and Trans-Am performance. The Grand Am was designed to compete with European luxury and sports sedans that were giving GM and other American carmakers a run for their money. The first generation of the Grand Am as a mid-sized car ran for three years, until 1975. From 1978 to 1980, it was downsized to a compact car. Both generations of the Grand Am were based on General Motor’s A platform. In 1980, the Pontiac 6000 replaced it. During its run, it became Pontiac’s number 1 selling car, only to be dislodged by G6, supposedly the 6th generation of Grand Ams, only rebranded. Pontiac plants in Michigan and Atlanta, Georgia manufactured the Grand Am.

The Grand Am was discontinued following calls in the 1970s for more fuel-efficient cars due to the energy crisis. Muscle cars like the Grand Am appear to have been outdated, with competition from European cars being lighter and small, and American competition Ford offering luxury compact cars.

Estimated Price Range for Used Pontiac Grand Am: $500-$9,000
Estimated MPG for Pontiac Grand Am: 19 City/27 Hwy
Available Trims: Base, SE, GT
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