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Plymouth Satellite was one of Chrysler automobiles powered by the legendary street Hemi engine. It was debuted in 1964 as the top picks for its mid-size Belvidere line, and had been on the top line until the Fury came in 1975.

The 1965 Plymouth Satellite featured two-door hardtop models and a base coupe with non-roll-down rear windows. In 1967 it went under several changes where the grill was built with dual side-by-side headlights, and a change in sheet metal was visible at its aluminum trim lower body. This year, its body shape got even more muscular and curvy.

In 1968 a sporty version of this car model was introduced, along the time the Belvidere was demoted to a below average automobile. The two-door hardtop and convertible was transformed into a 4-door sedan and station wagon. Truly, Plymouth Satellite was driven by a powerful motor engine; its styling was never astounding, however.

Est. Price for Used Plymouth Satellite: $19,000-$179,000
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