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Plymouth Fury was determinedly created for brand positioning purposes. Its manufacturer’s aims to make a statement with this particular car model where it would be the talk of the town and hopefully would help boost the sale. Fortunately it did make a bang, particularly to the law enforcing officers like the policemen.

Plymouth Fury had built a relative connection with the policemen because of The French Connection movie where a detective was able to haunt down a bandit with his Plymouth Fury. But more than that, police department prefer this car model because of its low price and efficiency. However, in reality it was never classified as sport car until Sport Fury came into being.

The mistakes committed by a novelist about Plymouth Fury did have a major contribution in helping its manufacturer’s create a halo effect. However, it would be unfair to solely attribute its success to flawed writing.

Estimated Price Range for Used Plymouth Fury: $3,900-$50,000
Estimated MPG for Plymouth Fury: 15 City/20 Hwy
Available Trims: Base, II, III, Sport, Gran
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