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Attesting to the US automotive trends in the early-mid 60’s, the Chrysler Company produced its own set of sports compact cars by means of Plymouth Barracuda. It was a two-door car that significantly made used of the Valiant 106 and Valiant hood in its major body parts, such as headlamp bezels, windshield, vent windows, quarter panels and bumpers.

Plymouth Barracuda lasted for a decade in the car industry. And in that ten-year stint, it had managed to successfully reinvent to meet car enthusiasts demands. In its first generation, 1964-1967, its structure is enormously based on Plymouth Valiant with a prominent wraparound back glass.

While in the year 1967-1969, the second generation, it showcased a heavily designed Plymouth Barracuda that is emphasized by its three body styles, namely fastback, notchback, and convertible. And in its third generation, this set of car is no longer redesigned based on Valiant. Hence, it became an all-new model automobile that rather resembles Chrysler version of E-body.

Est. Price for Used Plymouth Barracuda: $6,300-$89,000
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