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The Nissan Sentra is one of Nissan Motor’s most enduring brands, having been produced since 1982. This compact car is actually the Nissan Sunny that has been rebadged for export. Thus, the Sentra is only known outside Japan.

In Japan, the Sentra or Sunny has been rebranded as the Bluebird Sylphy. In the United States, the Sentra is retailed for as high as $21,000 for the high end version, while the base model is at $15,000. Due to the volume of the car’s interior, the USA EPA has reclassified the car a mid-sized car, with the Nissan Versa replacing it as Nissan’s flagship compact car.

Base MSRP for New Nissan Sentra: $16,060
Estimated Price Range for Used Nissan Sentra: $800-$15,000
Estimated MPG for Nissan Sentra: 23 City/33 Hwy
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In other markets, particularly in Latin America, the Sentra has been rebranded. In fact Mexico’s Nissan Tsuru has undergone three generations, while the V16 (Chile) B13 (Bolivia and Panama) and the Clásico (Peru) is basically the same Nissan Sentra with minor variations in the car’s aesthetics and mechanics. In Asian countries like Taiwan, Indonesia, and the Philippines, the Sentra has localized versions, with mechanical downgrades and cosmetic changes to suit the particular markets.

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