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The Mitsubishi Evolution is a kind of vehicle that would garner the most speeding tickets since it is built for speed. If there are any chances to drive this machine at a deserted highway, no one with the right brain would drive the EVO under 40 miles.
Here are the specifications that hit the metal to the pedal:
1) DOHC inter-cooled and turbo charged 2.0L 4-cylinder
2) 155 mph at top speed
3) 5-speed manual four wheel drive
4) Carbon fiber front splitter
5) Recaro front seat
6) HDD sat-navigation
7) Lowered suspension
8) Torque set on high at 3,500 rpm/289lb-ft
9) Horsepower to peak at 286 bhp at 6,500rpm
10) Muffler with a deeper exhaust note that can turn on all car alarms
There are different versions of the Mitsubishi Evolution and every time it debuts in the market, it surpasses all records to of its predecessors.

Base MSRP for New Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution: $34,095
Estimated Price Range for Used Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution: $10,000-$33,000
Estimated MPG for Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution: 17 City/22 Hwy
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