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This two-door coupe is armed with three types of engines to choose from: The 1.8L at a 92 hp, a 2.0L at a 135 hp or another 2.0L with a 196hp.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse comes in a 5-speed and 4-speed transmission which could guarantee exhilarating speeds from its front wheel or its four wheel drive. Such composed speed was awarded as one of the Ten Best list from 1989 up to 1992 by a top car magazine publication.

When you talk about magnificent cars such as this, there often is a name that comes with it. There are Eleanors, Christines and they all are named after women. Did you know that this car was names after an animal? Yes an arachnid, the Spider. This came in a convertible so the flare was added to the platform and sure enough the Mitsubishi Eclipse became one of the most sought after automobiles.

Base MSRP for New Mitsubishi Eclipse: $19,499
Estimated Price Range for Used Mitsubishi Eclipse: $1,000-$18,000
Estimated MPG for Mitsubishi Eclipse: 20 City/28 Hwy
Available Trims: Base, RS, GS, GS-T, GSX
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