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The Mini Cooper is another one among the many cars models from the Mini brand under the car giant BMW Group. It comes in numerous models since the early year 2000, with the latest being the 2009 convertible model. It is one of the most famous cars as of today due to the latest technological advancements that comes with it, especially the “openometer”. This openometer specifies the duration or period in which the Cooper is being used with its roof in a downward position.

The Mini Cooper is among the hatchback models of the Mini Brand. It comes in both automatic as well as in manual transmissions with 5 and 6 speeds of configurations. It has the patented seal of safety and security as well as stability and balance that only the Mini brand can offer. Today, it is one of the most sought out hatchback models in the commercial market. Whether it is with regard to car patrons, car enthusiasts or car fanatics, this Mini Cooper is sure to captivate their senses and make them want to have it as soon as possible.

Base MSRP for New Mini Cooper: $20,100
Estimated Price Range for Used Mini Cooper: $4,000-$18,000
Estimated MPG for Mini Cooper: 29 City/32 Hwy
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