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The Mini Cooper S is another variety of the Mini Cooper series that has taken the whole world by storm as of today. It is one of the most elegant and stylish looking Cooper that features an extensive interior even though it has only a small frame. It comes with the latest air-conditioning technology as well as the latest brakes, lights, and other needed features of automobiles as of today. It has sold hundreds of units not only in the United States but also to the rest of the world as of date.

It features the standard balance and stability that only the Mini brand can offer. It also has the patented assurance of safety and security with the top of the line improvements with regard to the airbags and other safety features. Combining both style and safety, indeed this Mini Cooper S that comes in both manual and automatic transmissions is considered to be one of the best amongst the Cooper series as of date.

Base MSRP for New Mini Cooper S: $23,700
Estimated Price Range for Used Mini Cooper S: $3,000-$21,000
Estimated MPG for Mini Cooper S: 27 City/30 Hwy
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