Used MG T-Series

MG T-Series 150

This happens to be the grandfather of British sports cars. It has been recorded that from 1936 until 1955, the MG T-Series pounded the pavements with its comforting throttle using a 292 cc MPJG type straight-4 engine. In 1939 however, a variation of the T-series released a 1,250 cc XPAG type straight-4 engine but it didn’t see a bright future and was honked out a year later.

In 1947, the MG T-Series landed on American soil. The MG Company made several alterations of the MG T-Series to adapt to US city driving regulations. What resulted were larger head lights, rear lights, and turn signals. This ran on a 1250 cc XPAG type Straight-4 ohv engine.

History repeated itself for the MG T-Series even after decades from its last production in the mid-50s. In 2002, the MG TF was introduced with all the flare and drama of a modern sports car.

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