MG MGB 150

The glorious 1960s welcomed the arrival of the MG MGB to take the place of the MGA and soon started to rake in sale after every sale. For those who would rather make love not war, the convertible was too much to handle but when MG introduced yet another version in a form of a range, they all started singing give peace a chance.

The MG MGB was a 4-cylinder 1.8L B-Series engine, 95 hp that could easily glide 0 – 60mph in 11 seconds flat. Keep in mind that that considerable amount speed made the man of steel wonder if the MG MGB had any traces of Kryptonite. To keep passengers safe from the envious stares of the man of steel, the MG MGB was one of the select cars to have crumple zones which was too modern at the time. Currently, the MG MGB is indeed a collector’s item.

Estimated Price Range for Used MG MGB: $900-$11,500
Estimated MPG for MG MGB: 22 City/28 Hwy
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