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From the years 1960 until 1977, the Ford Motor Company’s Mercury division manufactured the Mercury Comet. In its 17 year history, the Comet was actually discontinued for a year, in the 1970 model year. It has also been reclassified from being a compact to an intermediate-sized vehicle, thanks to several changes and its design and Ford’s marketing strategy. From being a descendant of the Ford Falcon, the Mercury Comet received upgraded trim details in its interior, with a longer wheelbase. The Comet shared a platform and a basic shape, often referred to as the “round body” with the Ford Falcon.

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The Comet was initially introduced in four body styles coupes with 2 doors, 4-door sedans, and station wagons with either 2 or 4 doors. As for trim levels, there were two the basic Standard trim and the Custom trim with added chrome trim, interiors in vinyl, and badging. The 144 cid Thriftpower straight six engine with a single-barrel Holley carburetor was the only available engine for the Mercury Comet.

After four generations, Ford stopped producing the Mercury Comet in 1975. Originally it was planned that the Comet, along with its cousin Ford Maverick, will just undergo major changes in its models. Later, it was decided that Mercury would rebrand these redesigned models to the Mercury Monarch and Ford Granada, respectively. Eventually, the “Sports Accents” edition of the Comet was still available until 1977. The Comet was eventually replaced by the Mercury Zephyr for the model year of 1978.

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